West Thalia season 3 episode 18
This is page is a transcript for the episode "Richelle's Secret." Note that this page does not include the "Previously on" segment, nor an in-depth description of the theme song sequence.
Various shots of downtown Toronto as "Best Day" plays. Establishing shot of the exterior of The Next Step Dance Studio.

Cut to Richelle sitting in Neutral Grounds, watching Kingston's video on her device with earphones. "Take It to the Top", the background music of Kingston's video, plays.

Kingston: [On video.] Hey, what's up, guys? And welcome back [Cut to Kingston.] to my channel. [Video cuts. Pointing towards himself.] I'm Kingston. That's me. [Video cuts.] And, [Video cuts.] today, as you can see by the title of this video, I'm gonna be unboxing something.

Cut to Richelle.

Richelle: [Voice-over.] It's super embarrassing, but I love unboxing [Cut to Kingston.] videos. I can't wait to see what this guy opens! I'm [Cut to Richelle in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] so excited!

Cut to Kingston. Kingston reveals an unopened box with a hoverboard inside. Cut to Richelle.

Kingston: [On video.] I just got myself a [Richelle giggles.] new gold hoverboard!

Cut to Kingston. Kingston opens up the box. As the video cuts several times, Kingston throws away the inner packaging.]

Kingston: [On video.] Who needs a [Video cuts. Throws away manual.] manual?

Kingston throws away more inner packaging. Video cuts. Kingston reveals his new hoverboard to the audience.]

Kingston: [On video.] Check that out, guys. I'm gonna [Video cuts. Gets the hoverboard out of the box.] take it out the box for y'all. [Moves the box out of camera's sight. Video cuts. Picks up the hoverboard.] Here it is. Look at this bad boy.

Cut to Richelle, now with LaTroy and Henry stood behind her, confused as to why Richelle is watching an unboxing video. LaTroy and Henry exchange confused looks.

Cut to Kingston. Cut to LaTroy, Richelle, and LaTroy.

Henry: [To LaTroy.] Double tap?

LaTroy: A double tap.

Cut to right-side view of the three. LaTroy and Henry tap Richelle, with Henry coughing for attention in the process. Cut to left-side view of the three. Consequently, Richelle jumps and abruptly puts the cover on her device and takes out her earphones. She turns around to see LaTroy and Henry. Cut to frontal view of the three.

Richelle: [Awkwardly.] Hi!

Henry: Hi.

Cut to LaTroy and Henry.

Henry: Whatchu doin'?

Cut to frontial view of the three. Richelle scoffs.

Richelle: [Awkwardly.] You know me? Just watching dance videos. Dance, [Cut to Richelle.] dance, dance, that's all I do. [Laughs nervously.] Do you need something?

Cut to the frontal view of the three.

Henry: No, no! I came to say hi.

Cut to Richelle.

Richelle: [Confused.] Well, hi.

Cut to right-side view of the three.

Henry: I'm gonna go. [Leaves Neutral Grounds. Voice-over.] Richelle doesn't seem like the type of [Cut to Henry in Talking Heads, zoomed in.] girl to be into unboxing videos, but you know what? I'm just gonna let it slide.

Cut to LaTroy and Richelle. LaTroy slowly departs, canning in his laughter. Richelle and LaTroy awkwardly look at each other. LaTroy gestures a farewell at Richelle.

Richelle: [Awkwardly.] Bye.

LaTroy gestures another farewell at Richelle and finally departs, leaving Richelle confused.

LaTroy: [Voice-over.] Don't worry, Richelle. [Cut to LaTroy in Talking Heads. LaTroy points, as if Richelle is in front of him.] Secret's safe with me. [Cans his laughter.]