Richelle has a few meaningful relationships.



Richelle appears to be close to Abi while with her on B-Troupe.


Richelle and Jacquie are best friends.[1]

Initially, Richelle and Jacquie on unfriendly terms, since Jacquie and Zara are close friends and Richelle and Zara are on bad terms.[2]

However, after Lola and Zara's departure from The Next Step, Richelle and Jacquie bond over their frustration in line placements and how Summer has front-row-centre in the Regionals ten-person final group dance.[3]. Despite their rivalry, a dance battle, arguments over accidentally buying the same dress to prom and even challenging one another to a none-so-friendly game of Picture-Grams in Shakes & Ladders, Richelle later admits that they are friends.[4][5][6] Richelle even helps Jacquie with her concerns about Noah, which is a testament to their friendship after she initially advised Jacquie to not date Noah at all.[7]


Richelle is wary of Lola's initial attempts at friendship, believing that she is merely kissing up to her so that she can get a solo in the routine. Although, after seeing Lola stand up for her and reject a solo opportunity, Richelle realizes that she genuinely wants to be her friend. Richelle asks Lola to get juice with her, thus commencing her friendship with her.[8] This friendship goes swimmingly for a while.

When Richelle loses her dance captaincy to Noah she, in a bout of angry disbelief, accuses Lola of being the reason for her loss.[9] She realizes the error in her ways and apologizes to Lola, assuring her that she understands that Lola did everything she could to help her and practically begging Lola to be her BFF again (notable, not only because it is uncharacteristic of Richelle to beg, but because Richelle is previously averted to the acronym[8]). Richelle is happy when Lola accepts her apology.[2]

After finding out she has snapping hip syndrome, Richelle confides such in Lola, but makes her promise not to tell anyone, by reminding Lola of how she stood up for her when brainstorming ideas for the qualifier video.[10] Richelle is confused by Lola's wariness and urges her to continue keeping her lie, since she is her best friend. Richelle is astounded by Lola's proclamation that they can no longer be friends if she decides to dance in the video.[11]

Richelle is absolutely heartbroken upon finding out that Lola broke the shank of her pointe shoe. She is filled with quiet rage, left unable to even look at the person that she once deemed her closest and only friend. Richelle succumbs to tearful disbelief that Lola could do such a thing to her. But, Richelle's likeness for Lola still lingers in that she does not reveal to Daniel that Lola broke her shoe and lies to cover up her transgression. Although, Richelle's hurt eventually wears away to resentment, with Richelle no longer considering Lola her best friend, and refusing to answer her texts.[12]

However, despite Richelle's anger at Lola, she eventually comes to realize that it was her own fault and admits that she should have listened to Lola when the latter wanted to stop her from dancing to prevent further injury.[13]



Richelle and Amanda do not interact a lot, not even when they are both on A-Troupe. However, when they do, Richelle is friendly to her. When Amanda is announced to be the final member on A-Troupe, replacing Riley who is now studio head, Richelle, along with Michelle and Noah, congratulate her.[14] This is a testament to Richelle, considering that the last time saw Amanda dance was during The Challenge and Amanda was an alternate for Internationals. When Richelle replaces Sloane in the Regionals qualifier trio, Amanda does not hold a grudge against her despite her and Michelle essentially also being removed from their trio with her.[14] Amanda even gives her advice before the trio performs at the qualifier, to which Richelle is appreciative.[15]

Richelle and Amanda do not interact again until they meet at the hospital when they are both visiting Noah. Richelle gives Amanda advice about helping to look after Noah, which shows how friendly she feels towards Amanda, considering that she did not help Abi and Noah in their relationship despite also being friends with Abi, and actively discourages Jacquie from dating Noah.[16][17] Although, it is true that at the time, Richelle had had feelings for Noah and therefore did not want to help Noah and Abi be together, even though Noah specifically asked for her help.[18][19] It is also possible that something happened between Season 4 and Season 5 that made Richelle claim that Jacquie having a crush on Noah would ruin everything, including her dancing.

However, when Amanda is removed from the final dance at Regionals, Richelle does not object to it.[20] Richelle also replaces Amanda as the teacher for J-Troupe after Amanda leaves for tour with Giselle.[21][22]


Richelle is mentored by Emily, who she looks up to since she wants to be dance captain one day.[23] Although Richelle meets Emily with endless sass, she genuinely learns about the job from her and is even granted the dance captain diary prematurely from Emily.[24] Richelle is immensely thankful of Emily when she is made dance captain by her.[8] Emily also visits Richelle at the hospital when she is recovering from her snapping hip syndrome and brings her flowers with Michelle, although it is possible that they did so in the hopes that Ms Kate would rehire them as co-studio heads.[13]


Richelle appears to be friendly with Skylar while of B-Troupe with her, partaking in a duet at Phoebe's request to ensure that The Next Step Dance Studio can register for Internationals.[25] Richelle remains friendly with Skylar while on A-Troupe with her and even auditions for the third Regionals qualifier with Skylar.[26] Richelle competes against Skylar to be dance captain and, despite losing, is congratulatory of Skylar.[27]

After Skylar fails to qualify for A-Troupe the following year, Richelle does not appear unduly sad about it.[28] It is likely that Richelle considers Skylar's move to Gemini Dance Studio a betrayal and that Skylar is no longer her friend.



Richelle and Lily have a complicated relationship. Upon Richelle's return to The Next Step after recovering from her injury, she learns how terrible Miss Angela and her daughter, Lily, are. Unbeknownst to the rest of A-Troupe, Richelle goes undercover to keep Lily (her enemy) closer than her friends, even becoming Lily's assistant and at the expense of all her other friendships at the studio.[29]

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While initially indifferent to Zara, Richelle develops a vehement hatred for her after she wins the solo for the qualifier video over herself and treats her with outright malice thereafter.[2] When Zara proposes that they team up in creating a concept for the video, Richelle derides her idea for the video, only to later steal it. Richelle is extremely mocking of Zara when she ends up getting the solo over her anyway, seemingly revelling in Zara's disappointment.[10]

When Richelle finds the shank to her pointe shoe broken, she ignores all aspects of due process and immediately deems Zara the culprit. Richelle approaches her angrily, even throwing her shoe at Zara, and accuses Zara of ruining her shoe out of revenge, all while refusing to hear Zara's alibi. Richelle appears immensely excited about the prospect of Zara getting kicked out of the studio and her dance career being over, the natural result that would occur if she were to convince Emily of Zara's alleged wrongdoing.[12]

Love interests


Richelle is particularly taken by Elliot's exceptional technique while he is on TNS East, notably not offended when Elliot questions her during a rehearsal.[30]

Richelle later finds a bouquet of flowers in her locker, paired with a note revealing that the unannounced gift is from Elliot. Richelle subsequently confesses that her admiration for Elliot must be reciprocated.[11]

After Richelle's return to The Next Step after recovery from her injury, Elliot visits her at the studio, where they kiss and subsequently go out to dinner together, hence their relationship started off-screen.[31]

When Elliot is cast in Robin Hood the Musical, Richelle is thrilled for him, despite this meaning that Noah did not get the part. They go out and celebrate together.[32] However, due to Elliot having to go to California to help a girl in the musical, he breaks up with her.[33] Richelle is heart-broken after their break-up and finds it hard to concentrate on dance.[34]


Richelle develops a crush on Noah, which is the cause of much stress for her since Noah likes Abi and since she believes it be getting in the way of her dancing.[18] Although this crush lasts a relatively long time, Richelle eventually gets over Noah when she becomes acquainted with some of his disgusting habits.[35] Richelle later claims that having a crush on Noah ruins everything, including your dancing.[17]

Nonetheless, Noah is Richelle's close friend, as they have danced with each other since youth. In fact, Noah and Richelle are so close that Jacquie assumes that Richelle will leave A-Troupe when Noah does.[1] When Noah is in the hospital for a back injury, Richelle visits him.[16]

When Richelle and Noah are paired as duet partners, Richelle is initially excited and overjoyed as she believes they complement each other's dance styles well. However, when Noah asks Emily to switch Richelle for Jacquie for the duet, claiming that Richelle is emotionally stiff and that he has no chemistry with her, Richelle feels betrayed and hurt seemingly commencing a conflict between the two.[7]

When Richelle learns that there is to be only one dance captain of A-Troupe and that Noah has replaced her, she is devastated at losing the position. It is likely that she is initially angry at Noah, given how she blames Lola for her not getting the position.[9] However, when he compliments her on her idea for the Regionals qualifier video, they appear to be on amicable terms once again.[10]

When Richelle returns to A-Troupe after her injury, she and Noah appear to be friendly once more, with the latter deeming her as the "dance-zilla" who can bring down Miss Angela, as well as smiling when she enters the studio. However, Noah is also the first person to confront Richelle about her siding with Lily instead of the rest of A-Troupe; they have a heated argument about it. Once again, Richelle is hurt by his lack of trust in her since she confesses that she has now lost all her friends at The Next Step.[29] However, once Noah finds out that Richelle was actually undercover, they have good fun during the food fight together and Noah exemplifies how well he knows her by confessing that neither she nor Jacquie are happy with their line placements for Regionals[36][3].

When A-Troupe discovers that Noah dancing with them at Regionals should mean them performing in the Senior Advanced division, Richelle is adamant that Noah stay on the team, being the first to comment that she cannot believe that someone voted him off, saying that while the red marble was an option, she never believed that anyone would use it.[37]

When Noah receives the opportunity to audition for a professional dance company, Richelle is the first person whom he tells, even before telling Jacquie. Richelle encourages Noah to audition, despite being disappointed that she herself did not receive the opportunity to audition. [38]

Before their ballet pas de deux for Regionals, Richelle discovers that Noah is contemplating leaving The Next Step. The prospect of him leaving brings her to tears, since they have grown up together and share so much history.

"This pas de deux right now, means so much to me. When someone that special to you is beside you, dancing with you, makes it that much more special."
Richelle about herself and Noah[src]

Noah's encouragement enables Richelle to finally "destroy" her emotional barrier and become the best dancer that she can be. When Noah tells Richelle that they took their dance to a whole other level, she tells him that she wouldn't have wanted to do it with anyone else. Upon discovering that they have qualified for the finals, Richelle is the first person to hug Noah, even before Jacquie.[39]


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