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Riley keeps a diary of which is first referenced in "Make a Plan to Love Me". As a part of her list, James has to read the section from the September 3, 2003 diary entry as if it's his own in front of everyone at Culture Shock.


  • September 3, 2003: This entry outlines the events that occurred to Riley while at school on September 3, 2003. This entry states the following:

Dear Diary, I hate Kelsey. Today I was playing with my new doll and I got it for my birthday from my mommy. I put her down to talk to Laura, but when I came back, Kelsey took the doll and was putting it next to her doll. But her doll was gross and it had mud on it. I told Kelsey to give it back. She said, "No way, José." So I started to cry. I don't know why I'm so silly sometimes. I ran out of the bathroom and hit Bobby G. Bobby's so cute [...] Kelsey took the dolls to the bathroom because she said they were dirty, but only her doll was dirty [...] Kelsey come out of the bathroom, put the dolls and tried to give mine back, but I said [...] And me and Bobby went to play jimbo and it was the best day ever! Riley xoxo.

  • June 10 (year unknown): This entry includes Riley's thoughts about the new boy, James. It states the following words:

Dear Diary, A new boy joined the studio today. We don't have anyone like him at The Next Step. He joined as a total stranger, but you wouldn't know it by the way he acted. He came into Studio A as if he had been dancing at TNS all of his life. The weirdest part was that everyone else acted as if they had known him forever too! I'm so shy, I could NEVER do that. Little Matty, my younger brother, calls me the "Serious One". I guess it's better than "the Dramatic One". I bet you can gues who got that name. Ha ha. I think his name is James. He is really good at hip hop! I hope I'm capable of learning his style. I would love to do a flip. He's a bit goofy. But he's cute. We'll see... ;) - Riley

  • (Date unknown): This entry outlines Riley's A-Troupe auditions. The entry states the following:

Dear Diary, We had auditions yesterday. I didn't make A-Troupe :(. But it's OK. I'll train really hard & hopefully make it next year. Em is dance captain. No surprise there. She is such a strong leader. James is officially part of the next step! What isn't so cool is that he is dating a girl from Elite, our studio's arch nemesis. I guess he did say EX girlfriend, so that isn't AS bad. James spends most of his time at rehearsal flirting with girls. I know my friends think it's fun, but it makes me uncomfortable. We should be rehearsing, not goo-goo eyed over some boy! James tried to flirt with me but it was so annoying. Em and I were laughing last night about the boys at TNS and how they can't take a hint. Eldon has been asking Em out since Baby Ballet. Em is so blunt with him! Even though it drives her mad, I think it's funny. Eldon is so persistent. When I rolled my eyes at James he just laughed and walked away. I like him best when he isn't trying to impress everyone. -R.


Riley's diary has a colourful collage-style hardback cover, but this is never seen in detail on-screen.