West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Noah alfie ytigc "An unfinished conversation deserves to be finished."

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Miss Kate, I always do what's best for my team.

Emily, to Kate

The E-Girls can't let him have that much power.


Back row, here I come.


Emily: That jump could have been higher.
Stephanie: It was really high.
Emily: Could've been higher.

Wait, we're not going to follow along, unless you know all of our names.

Noah, to Daniel

James: Hey, I got you something.
Riley: 'Kay...
James: It's from the top of a mountain.
Riley: The top of a mountain?
James: Like the top of a mountain. Like Rocky Mountains.

Michelle: So, I'm in the front.
Emily: Yes.

Riley: Em, please don't do this.
Emily: It's done.