I'm sorry, James. If you were here, none of this would be happening.

Piper to James

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"Rumour Has It" is the 22nd episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 116th episode overall. It aired on October 21, 2016.


"Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie."[1]


Riley piper season 4 episode 22 3

Piper warns that if Riley doesn't tell James about the kiss, she will.

Riley asks Piper to repeat herself and she does so; Piper reiterates that she saw Riley kiss Alfie. Piper tearfully asks Riley how she could do such a thing, but rejects Riley's attempt at consolation. When Riley begs Piper not to tell James, Piper angrily assures Riley that she has to tell James what happened, or else she will do it herself.

James attempts to call Riley, but is sent to her voicemail message. He leaves a message that asks Riley to call her back and tells her that he loves her. Riley listens to the message in her office. Riley confesses that she knows she has to tell James, but doesn't know how she can break the heart of the person she loves.

Cassie sloane season 4 rhi

Cassie claims that Noah will like the card, so long as he doesn't get a paper cut.

In Java Junction, Cassie asks Sloane, Amy, and Henry to sign her card for Noah. Henry suggests that they should also get chocolate for Noah, Amy suggests that they should get flowers, and Sloane suggests that they get balloons, but Cassie explains that Noah might be allergic to chocolate, that flowers always die and look horrible anyways, and that she once heard a story in which a nurse was doing an IV, a situation that went awry once she heard a balloon pop. Henry departs, leaving Amy and Sloane exasperated at Cassie's pessimism.

In the corridor leading to Studio A, Amanda leaves a message for Noah, seeing as his surgery is the same day. Amanda confesses that she is scared that the worst will occur. Once she finishes the message, Theo appears; he dubs her as Chrysanthemum and claims that Noah (or, as Theo likes to call him, Constantinople) asked him to ensure that she doesn't worry by way of distraction. Amanda doubts that anything will get her mind off of the surgery.

Masked man eldon james season 4 episode 22

Eldon and James watch the competition.

The sudden death two v. two round of Bangers & Mashups is taking place, with only 20 teams remaining. West confesses that he and James have been practicing non-stop for the round, which they will compete in the following day.

Michelle and Riley approach Sloane, Cassie, Amy, and Piperr in Java Junction. Cassie asks Riley to sign the card for Noah and Piper reaffirms that she should do so, as it is for someone who is not there. Piper also suggests that Riley writes a message along the lines of "I can't wait until you come home," to which Riley corrects her, as she must mean back to the studio. Piper goes on to tell Riley to sign her message with "XOXO, Riley," as in hugs... and kisses. The present observers are left confused, particularly Michelle who is shocked that Riley didn't chastise her. Once Piper storms off, Amy decides that she'll talk to her.

As James watches the competition take place, he confesses that it is bothering him that he hasn't heard from Riley. He ducks out backstage to call Riley again, but Riley does not pick up the phone, further confusing James. Alfie enters Riley's office and Riley orders him to leave. She tells him that Piper saw them kiss. Feeling sick to his stomach, Alfie leaves.

Michelle piper season 4 episode 22

Piper tells Michelle that Riley kissed Alfie.

Piper performs a solo to "Falling Apart" in the Rehearsal Room to express her anger, fear, betrayal, and sadness. Upon the conclusion of Piper's solo, Amy enters the room. Amy tries to find out why Piper has been acting so hostile toward Riley, but Piper reveals nothing.

Amanda meets Theo in Studio A. Theo tells Amanda to dance while he plays a song on his guitar. Theo makes Amanda stop dancing periodically throughout the song to ask her questions—what do you think about Noah's hair? If Noah were a flavour ice cream, which would it be? What do you like most about Noah?; Amanda answers that Noah's hair is tall, but maybe too tall, that he would be mint chocolate ice cream, and that she loves everything about him. The exercise fails to distract Amanda. Meanwhile, Amy tells Sloane and Cassie about the situation with Piper. With Sloane's help, the three decide to give Piper some space. In the Rehearsal Room, Michelle approaches Piper about her previous behaviour toward Riley. Piper eventually blurts out that Riley kissed Alfie, resulting in Michelle storming out to confront Riley. Piper is left in disbelief that she told Michelle.

Michelle season 4.5

Michelle asks Riley if she ever thinks about anyone other than herself.

Michelle enters Riley's office to ask Riley about her relationship with Alfie. When Michelle realizes that Piper was telling the truth, she goes into an all out confrontation in which she ultimately deems Riley to be a selfish person who she no longer knows anymore. Riley confesses that she doesn't know herself anymore either.

Cassie tells Amy and Sloane that when her little sister wanted a goldfish, she encouraged her to get two, as one would surely be dead in a week. Amy and Sloane finally confront Cassie about her pessimism. Cassie admits that she is superstitious and believes that if she says the worst thing that could happen, it won't take place. Piper approaches the girls, but quickly departs in favour of being alone.

Amanda theo season 4 episode 22

Theo nods at Amanda.

Theo sings an acoustic version of "All We Need" for Amanda in a final attempt to comfort her. Amanda reminisces upon the times she has spent with Noah and sings along toward the latter of the song. Amanda thanks Theo and confesses that she finally knows that Noah is going to be okay.

Piper receives a video call request from James and assumes that he must know about Alfie and Riley's kiss, although she quickly realizes this is not the case. Piper begins to cry and tells James that she can't be at the studio, cannot talk to Riley, and that none of the things that are currently happening would be happening if he were there. When she ends the call, James is left stunned to silence. West and Eldon approach him and James tells Eldon that he has to take his spot in the two v. two challenge, as he is out. James dashes away and confesses that Piper needs him, which is more important than any competition.



Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Adele.






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