You guys have been acting weird all day. There's something wrong...why can't you just tell me?

Michelle, to Giselle and Thalia

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"Run This Town" is the 27th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 57th episode overall. It aired on November 21, 2014.


Luther Brown assists the guys with some choreography. Meanwhile, Eldon receives dating tips from James.


Kate season 2 4

Kate asks the dancers how the small group is going.

Hunter, James, Eldon and West are having trouble working on their small group which Kate decided to give to them after Amanda left to go back to Elite. When Kate asks to see what they have so far, they only have a starting pose. Knowing that the boys need help, she invites renowned choreographer Luther Brown to assist them.

The boys introduce themselves to Luther. West introduces himself last and Luther calls him "Southside," honouring West because anybody could have gotten his name right and he chose not to. Luther asks to see the boys' freestyle. Afterwards, he tells the boys to disperse and return in half an hour. In the Music Room, Thalia and Giselle are with Michelle, trying to help her with the dance routines. It seems as though every time they talk, Michelle talks about something other than dance, worrying the girls. Michelle is confused at the two girls' coldness.

When the boys return, Luther tells them to race to the end of Studio A, where he has set up a finish line consisting of two ballet bars with a long line of yellow CAUTION tape tied between them. The boys are excited at this premise until they hear the catch: they must do this in slow motion, with the slowest person being deemed as the victor. The exercise helps the boys learn about self-control since they are very explosive when they dance. Eventually, West wins the competition, allowing him to be at the forefront of the dance. Meanwhile, while Michelle, Thalia and Giselle are talking, Michelle begins talking about things other than dance again and Thalia and Giselle brush her off and return to teaching her the routine. Michelle is still confused as to what the problem is.

Luther teaches the boys the choreography and they all love it. Afterwards, Luther asks if they'd like to incorporate anymore moves and James suggests the B-Twist which he shoots down because he believes James isn't ready. James asks him when he will be ready and Luther tells him that the move will talk to him, confusing him.

Later, Eldon asks James if he thinks that he ruined his relationships with Emily and Michelle and James says yes. James believe that the reason Eldon's relationships don't work is because his dancing is essentially more mature than him. He decrees that Eldon will be able to be in a relationship if he can hit 30 pirouettes.

Run this town

Michelle looks at Giselle and Thalia, expectantly.

Finally, Michelle asks Giselle and Thalia why they are acting so weird and her friends come clean; they tell her that they are afraid she will leave the studio again. Michelle confirms that she will never leave again, as The Next Step is her family. Relieved, Thalia and Giselle resume helping Michelle with the Nationals routines. In Studio A, the boys try to convince James to do the B-Twist but Luther stops him. Kate comes into Studio A with pizza for the boys and Luther. Giselle, Thalia and Michelle then enter on the pretence of seeing how the boys are doing, but they've actually come to see Luther. The episode ends with the members of The Next Step having fun and claiming they are ready for Nationals.



  • James's proposition that Eldon can't date until he can do 30 pirouettes is explored in Season 3.
  • During the dance montage, Giselle runs her fingers along her eyebrows while in front of the camera. She first does this in a similar scenario in "Bad Moon Rising."

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Jay-Z.





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