Riley: You're a prince?!
Alfie: A little bit.
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"Runaway" is the 8th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 102nd episode overall. It aired on April 1, 2016.


Riley learns that Alfie is hiding a big secret, and his future at The Next Step is in jeopardy. James, West, and Eldon arrive in London, England for the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza.


Alfie is sitting in Java Junction when Riley enters and joins him. Suddenly, a family of tourists enters and begins conversing about Alfie, causing him to abruptly get up and speak to them in Swiss German. When Alfie returns to the table, the young female in the family asks him for an autograph and subsequently bows to him, confusing Riley. Riley eventually realizes that Alfie is a prince. As Alfie speaks about his life, he tells Riley that his parents want him back in Switzerland.

Riley alfie season 4 r 4

Having revealed that he is a prince, Alfie speaks of the many difficulties that comes with the role.

James is sitting in the airport, on the phone with Riley. Riley tells him that Alfie is a prince, but warns that James that he cannot tell anyone. West and Eldon approach him, both wearing neck pillows. West shoves a neck pillow at James, which he refuses to wear and pretends as if he doesn't know who West and Eldon are due to how embarrassing they are acting. James leaves to catch the flight and West and Eldon follow him, believing that James is missing out on maximum comfort.

The tourists who greeted Alfie have reported that they saw him. Upon learning this, Alfie paces back and forth and watches as the Swiss ambassador arrives. The ambassador bows to Alfie, but he tells her not to and offers her a seat. Alfie immediately asks how his parents are doing and the ambassador reveals that they are very worried about Alfie. In Talking Heads, Alfie reveals that the year before, he was tree-planting and a bear approached him; he scared the bear away by yodeling. The ambassador begins speaking in Swiss German, saying that Alfie needs to return because his parents want him at home. At this point, Riley enters Java Junction and listens to the conversation while standing in the doorway. Alfie attempts to convince the ambassador that he wants to stay at The Next Step, but she says that it is not possible for him to do so. The Swiss ambassador storms out of Java Junction, and as this happens, Riley approaches Alfie. She asks him what happened with the ambassador and Alfie replies that things are not good, confessing that his parents want him to return home immediately.

West eldon james season 4 r

West marvels upon London.

Eldon, West and James are walking on Waterloo Bridge, excited for the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza. West tells the two, who wanted to take a taxi, to look around them at how amazing London is. Eldon is excited to go to the washroom in the hotel room and the three begin hurry to their hotel. During this time, Eldon asks West and James why he is rolling two suitcases. They reply that he is doing so because he lost a bet regarding him not losing his neck pillows — naturally, Eldon lost.

In the hotel room, James explains to West that ever since Baby Ballet, Eldon has always needed to go to the washroom often due to his short bladder. They are waiting for him so that they can register for the competition. Finally, Eldon enters the hotel room... but he has a wet face from drinking from the "fountain". This confuses West and James, since they did know there was no fountain in the washroom. West tells Eldon this, but he "corrects" West, claiming that it is beside the toilet. Eventually, James and West realize that Eldon drank from the bidet. They tell him this, but Eldon does not understand, as he does not know what a bidet is. James and West continue to laugh, and West suggests that Eldon should brush his teeth and look up what a bidet is. In Talking Heads, Eldon uses his phone to search up the definition. When he learns what it is, he flies into a panic, and is appalled at James and Eldon for not telling him.

In Java Junction, Alfie asks Riley for her help. Alfie confesses that the Swiss ambassador told him that he has to return to Switzerland, but he doesn't want to leave The Next Step. Riley asks him what she can do and Alfie tells Riley that if she could somehow show the ambassador that it is good for him to be at the studio. Alfie confesses that Riley is the only person who knows what he is going through, and thinks that it is good to have a friend like her around. After being asked by Riley, Alfie explains that he wants and needs to be at The Next Step than anything because he saw their passion and commitment when he saw them at Internationals. Although Riley does not have any ideas as to how to help Alfie, she reassures him by touching his hand and says that she will eventually come up with something.

James west eldon season 4 r 2

James, West and Eldon stand outside of the performance venue.

In London, West, Eldon and James are at the entrance of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza. West talks about the history of the place that they approach. Eldon suggests that they arrive at the competition, but West tells him that the three need to make a pact: that James must no longer miss Riley; Eldon should forget about what happened to Thalia; and West, himself, must deal with the little issues in his life, the main one being dealing with Eldon and James. The three make the pact and walk towards the entrance of the venue of the competition.

Riley is making a purchase in Java Junction when the Swiss ambassador enters and asks her to sit after discovering that she is Riley. The ambassador tells Riley that Alfie is not dependable or reliable due to his history of taking jobs and then disappearing. Riley asks the ambassador why she wants Alfie back in Switzerland, and it is revealed that because he is the prince, the ambassador and others can control him. Riley tells the ambassador that Alfie auditioned just like everyone else, causing her to ask Riley who decides who is in A-Troupe, and Riley reveals that it is herself. The ambassador urges Riley to let Alfie go and provides her with a bountiful cheque in order to further persuade her. After the ambassador leaves, Riley reads the cheque's amount and confesses that it could finance Regionals, Nationals and Internationals for many years to come.

James, Eldon and West are waiting in line to register for Bangers & Mashups. When they are at the front, one of the people at the desk asks for their hip-hop names. Since all three do not have one, they decide to make them up on the spot: Eldon eventually comes up with the name "Little Lucky C" with the "C" standing for "coin"; James comes up with "DEWAI J" meaning "Don't Even Worry About It James"; and West decides to simply stick with "West", because according to him, he is hip-hop. After signing up, the three make their way to the stage which they are amazed by. James puts on music and the boys perform a hip-hop routine. As they dance, a small crowd arrives and spectates.

Riley season 4 r 3

Riley declines the ambassador's offer.

Having made her decision, Riley is in the Lounge waiting for the ambassador. When the ambassador arrives, she sits before Riley. Riley confesses that while she has a plan, she is unsure if it will work. Meanwhile, Alfie is performing a dance routine in the Rehearsal Room. Alfie reveals that he asked Riley for help, but despite that, he thinks that the dance he is currently performing will be the last one that he does at The Next Step. Back in the lounge, the ambassador asks Riley if she has made her decision. Riley concurs and tells her that she doesn't want the money and wants to keep Alfie at The Next Step. The ambassador asks Riley if the money is not enough, and Riley says that it is not about the money, but about Alfie and his passion for dance. Riley proceeds to lead the ambassador to the Rehearsal Room where they watch Alfie dance. Alfie finishes the routine before the ambassador and, in Swiss German, tells her that he deserves to be where he is. The Swiss ambassador finally understands and assures Alfie that she will tell as much to his father. When the ambassador leaves and Riley learns that Alfie can stay, Riley attempts to hug Alfie but awkwardly pulls away and Alfie exits the room.


Ambassador alfie season 4 r

An example of the on-screen subtitles used in the episode to translate the conversations in Swiss German between Alfie and the Swiss ambassador. Here, Alfie tells Madam Ambassador that he deserves to be at The Next Step.


  • The fact that Alfie is a prince is implicitly foreshadowed in "Square One"; in his trio with Amy and Cassie, he plays the role of a handsome prince.


  • In real life, Switzerland doesn't have a royal family or any kind of chain of royal command. However, this may have been why the country was selected for this storyline, as it means that Alfie's status as a prince does not directly connect him to any existing royal family - essentially making the concept of him being royal more believable. 

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Kanye West.





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