West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Riley: Michelle, Amanda and I are just tackling a vicious filing cabinet.
Alfie: So vicious that it needs all three of you?
Riley: Yeah, well, it hasn't been tamed in, like, three years, so it should probably just get sent back to the wild where it belongs.

Alfie and I are just hanging out when, all of a sudden, these people start talking to him and another language. It seems like they know him, but I don't really understand what's going on.


Prince Alfred, may I please get an autograph?

— a tourist, to Aflie

Did I just hear what I think I heard?


Riley: You're a prince?!
Alfie: A little bit.

Do you get to, like, ride around in a gold carriage?

Riley, to Alfie

They are studded with diamonds.

Alfie, to Riley

I'm always being scrutinized by the press, my family, the people, the citizens. They expect me to behave very seriously.

Alfie, to Riley

Riley: Alfie is a prince.
James: What?!

West: Here we go, I bought you a neck pillow.
James: Yeah, I'm not wearing a neck pillow.

I don't actually know you people...

James, to West and Eldon

Oh, you know what? You should double up your neck pillow. I've never seen nobody do that.

West, to Eldon

My worst fears have come true. The tourists reported that they saw me and now, the Swiss ambassador wants to meet me here.


The King and the Queen are extremely worried about you.

Swiss Ambassador, to Alfie

Riley: What was that all about?
Alfie: Things aren't good.

My parents want me to come home. Immediately.


We are in London, England to perform for the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza!

West, to James and Eldon

Why could we not have just taken a cab?

Eldon, to West

I'm excited about getting into the washroom that's inside our hotel room, so if we could go right now, it'd be greatly appreciated.

Eldon, to West

West: And why are you so wet?
Eldon: Oh, sorry. I was in there, I was just drinking from the fountain, but the water's really strong, so it, like... I had to wash my face.

Eldon just drank out of the bidet!


There's no fountain in there!

West, to Eldon

I drank from the tushie-cleaner?!

Eldon, to West and James

He belongs at The Next Step.


I'm so happy I can stay at the studio. And I owe it all to Riley.