I know what you can do to prove yourself.

Amanda, to Emily

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"Sacrifice" is the 19th episode in Season 2 of The Next Step and the 49th episode overall. It aired on September 19, 2014.


Gabi is jealous of Becca and challenges her to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Hunter tries to become friends with the rest of the boys.


Thalia hunter chloe season 2

Hunter and Chloe congratulate Thalia.

Kate informs A-Troupe that they have been invited to perform at a prestigious trio dance competition. However, the competition has a catch: all the teams must choreograph a dance to the same song, and no costumes are allowed (all teams must wear a standard uniform). This is the first time The Next Step has been invited to a competition like this, and Amanda, Giselle and Thalia are chosen to compete. Kate also picks a J-Troupe trio to join them.

Tension quickly builds as Emily shows up late for another dance rehearsal. Hunter, concerned about Emily, approaches her about her recent change in attendance. While they talk, he brings up the fact that he isn’t everyone’s favorite person either. Emily encourages Hunter to try and make it up to the boys.

Kate is rehearsing with Josh, Richelle and Becca for their J-Troupe trio when Gabi and Camille enter. Gabi, is outraged that Becca was chosen over her. Later, James tells Riley that he is working on #11 on the list to get her back: create a dance move and name it after her. Riley admits that she is impressed James is still working on completing the list as she thought he would have quit and given up by now.

Hunter approaches James, West, and Eldon in order to try and become their friends. Despite his intentions, all Eldon can think about is how Hunter broke him and Michelle up, and how he lost the Nationals solo to Hunter. West and James are not impressed with Hunter either. Eventually, West warms up to Hunter when he promises to teach him a super awesome dance move, The Head Slide and when Hunter promises to bake Eldon the best chocolate cake ever, Eldon also warms up to him. James isn't so easily convinced and calls Eldon and West sell-outs.

Gabi, still upset over not getting the J-Troupe trio, challenges Becca to a dance-off in which the winner will get to compete. On her way to the dance-off, Gabi catches Becca rehearsing and realizes just how good her sister is at dancing. Realizing she cannot take this opportunity away from Becca, Gabi goes to talk to Kate about letting Becca keep her position in the trio.

Michelle decides she cannot be away from her friends any longer and decides to go visit them at Culture Shock. Michelle is relieved although well everything with them is going, however she becomes wary when she finds out the female Nationals solo spot has already been filled.

Beth hunter season 2

Beth asks Hunter if her favourite juice is also free.

While James is in the Music Room working on his move for Riley, Beth walks in; Hunter sees this as an opportunity for him and James to become bros. Hunter tells Beth they are giving out free juices at Culture Shock as a way to get Beth away from James. Although relieved, James isn’t ready to consider Hunter his bro. Meanwhile, when Gabi tells Kate that she does not want to compete in the dance-off against Becca anymore Kate informs Gabi she already knows, because Becca told her she can no longer complete as she has to go on an annual family fishing trip. Gabi, knowing this to be a total lie (as their dad has a fear of fish), now feels guilty for putting Becca in this position.

Hunter is with Beth in Culture Shock to get her away from James and is immensely irritated by her. Emily enters and saves Hunter from talking to Beth any longer. Amanda enters moments later, and upon seeing Emily and Hunter together concocts a way for Emily to prove herself.

James presents task #11 to Riley: a dance move called "the Riley Roll-Up," named after one of Riley’s quirks of always rolling up her shorts. Riley is impressed with the dance move and name, but is unimpressed, however, with the fact that #1: breaking up with Beth, is still not crossed off of the list. Meanwhile, Gabi confesses to Becca that she is the better dancer, and she should be the one to compete.

Amanda emily season 2 sacrifice

Amanda tells Emily that she knows how she can prove herself.

Hunter presents Eldon with a double-layered chocolate fudge cake or, as Hunter likes to call it: "a truce cake." Eldon accepts the cake, but as opposed to eating it, shoves the cake into Hunter’s face. Knowing that it is well deserved, Hunter makes the best of his chocolate cake-covered face. Eldon also asks for his solo back and requests that he and Hunter have a dance battle for it to which Hunter accepts. Although not one hundred percent okay with Hunter now, Eldon can see the possibility of a friendship with him. Amanda approaches Emily and tells her to break up with Hunter in order to gain her trust.


  • James has learnt some magic in preparation for task #7, demonstrating this to Riley by appearing to produce a pen from behind her ear so he can cross task #11 off the list.
  • James reveals to Riley that he is allergic to squid, which task #7 involves.
  • One of Eldon's greatest weaknesses is chocolate cake.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Elton John.





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