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Sal's Costume Warehouse is a costume store which makes its first and only appearance in “Road to Joy”.


Sal's Costume Warehouse is where the costume samples for Absolute Dance Regionals are from.

Since Kate has let Chris have the day off and has to do everything by herself, Riley offers to go to the store and collect the samples. As the store owners are going on vacation and won't be back for three weeks, it is important that the samples are picked up before closing time.

Unfortunately for Riley, James wants to spend more time with her and invites himself along. What should have been for Riley a straightforward errand to the costume store instead results in a series of events involving: getting a shawarma; Riley's bus transfer "accidentally" getting ripped in two by James; having to take a short cut through the park; and meeting up with James's Aunt Kathy, who insists that James dance for her (in that order). As a result, the pair finally arrive at the store to find it closed, and the owners refuse to open up.

After Riley angrily points out to James that A-Troupe now won't have any costumes for Regionals, James realizes he has messed up and vows to resolve the problem. He tries to get the owners to reopen the store by doing the backhand-backtuck which he had been practicing earlier in Studio A, although he still can't get it right. Fortunately, Riley helps James perform the move correctly and, having received the owners' attention, the pair dance in front of the store. The owners, entertained by James and Riley's dance routine, finally let them in.


Sal's Costume Warehouse is labelled with a large black sign with a gold border and large red upper-case letters outlined in gold giving the store's name. There is a display window which has a mannequin standing on each side, one wearing a jester's outfit and the other a spacesuit. The store's name is also printed in large red upper-case lettering with gold outline on the top half of the glass-paneled door. A bench stands in front of the store, which Riley and James make use of during their dance routine.


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