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This scholarship fund is for any dancer that can't afford dance competitions or dance classes or costumes; they deserve to dance, like everyone of us.

Piper, "12 Hour Party People"

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A scholarship fund is a way of paying for dance for dancers who can't afford it.


Due to Chloe's money shortage, she and Michelle set up an Open Mic Night in Culture Shock in order to raise money for dancers who can't afford it.[Reference needed]Piper discovers that Heather doesn't dance only because she can't afford it, so she, TNS West, B-Troupe and J-Troupe create a Dance-a-Thon in order to raise money for Heather. However, Heather is at first humiliated that everyone is raising money just for her, but she ends up enjoying herself, and Heather and Henry finish, thus raising lots of money for less fortunate dancers.[1]


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