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Season 1 of The Next Step premiered on March 8th, 2013 and was split into two segments. Season 1.0 started on March 8th, 2013 and ended on June 7th, 2013, consisting of 14 episodes. Season 1.5 aired on September 20th, 2013 to January 3rd, 2014.

Season opening


Season 1 of The Next Step focuses on the effects of newcomer, Michelle joining A-Troupe. Emily, the team's Dance Captain grows jealous and threatened at her arrival and begins treating the team even more brutally than she already was. Throughout the season, the team struggles with the conflict between Michelle and Emily, new relationships, and other drama, all while working towards their ultimate goal: to win Absolute Dance Regionals.






Season 1.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Get the party started official image.jpg
"Get the Party Started" March 8, 2013
The Next Step Dance Studio is holding auditions for the A-Troupe, and a new girl named Michelle arrives.
Giselle hugging a floor.jpg
"Everybody Dance Now" March 12, 2013
The members of A-Troupe are chosen and one of the best dancers doesn't make the cut. Emily isn't happy about the choice.
Deborah james chris season 1.png
"Dance, Dance" March 13, 2013
The A-Troupe is split into two teams to test the leadership skills of Emily and Michelle.
Daniel michelle riley west season 1.png
"Rock and a Hard Place" March 29, 2013
Kate asks Emily to hold dance evaluations for placements in the group dance.
Steal my sunshine 1.jpg
"Steal My Sunshine" April 5, 2013
Some of the dancers go to the beach while Emily and the E-Girls run the studio’s Dance Camp.
Good girls go bad 1.jpg
"Good Girls Go Bad" April 12, 2013
Emily convinces some of the A-Troupe dancers to spy on their main competition.
Love story.jpeg
"Love Story" April 19, 2013
Emily agrees to go on a date with Eldon to heal his broken spirit.
West and Stephanie.jpg
"Just the Two of Us" April 26, 2013
Eldon struggles to choose between Emily and Michelle as his partner for his performance.
Video killed the radio star.jpg
"Video Killed the Radio Star" May 3, 2013
A-Troupe is selected to perform in a music video for the band Brighter Brightest.
Road to joy.jpeg
"Road to Joy" May 10, 2013
To spend more time with Riley, James accompanies her to pick up costumes. Meanwhile, Stephanie has a photo shoot in Studio A.
Michelle Chloe season 1 episode 11.png
"Can You Keep a Secret?" May 17, 2015
Michelle learns the truth about Chloe’s financial situation.
Get it together.jpeg
"Get It Together" May 24, 2013
Michelle secretly choreographs a new routine for Regionals.
Riley emily season 1 episode 13.png
"Don't Go Breaking My Heart" May 31, 2013
Emily begins to suspect that Michelle is up to something behind her back.
Emily stephanie sabotage season 1.jpg
"Sabotage" June 7, 2013
Kate learns that Michelle has choreographed a different routine for Regionals.

Season 1.5

No. in Series Images Title Airdate
Emily michelle season 1 2.png
"Changes" September 20, 2013
Emily and Stephanie struggle with Michelle as the new Dance Captain.
EMILY eldon season 1 h.png
"Help" September 27, 2013
Everyone in A-Troupe auditions for row placements.
Michelle stephanie season 1.png
"Forget You" October 4, 2013
Emily struggles with what to do next after being put in the back row by Michelle.
Brand new tns.jpg
"Brand New" October 11, 2013
A-Troupe decides to hold auditions for two new dancers to replace Emily and Stephanie.
First date 2.jpg
"First Date" October 18, 2013
With a new A-Troupe assembled, the dancers decide to change the Regionals routine.
We are family.jpg
"We Are Family" October 25, 2013
Riley tries to make her relationship with Emily as sisters work out.
Break stuff giselle daniel.jpg
"Break Stuff" November 1, 2013
Giselle wants to make her mark in A-Troupe by performing a dangerous lift.
Persuade emily.jpg
"Come Back... Be Here" November 8, 2013
WithDaniel leaving A-Troupe,Michelle and the team try and get Emily to come back.
Dancing in the street.jpg
"Dancing in the Street" November 15, 2013
When A-Troupe gets themselves into a dance battle with the street crew, Seeds, the team finds out that West was a former member.
Price tag.jpg
"Price Tag" November 22, 2013
Chloe’s financial problems finally boil over and she is forced to leave A-Troupe.
Emily michelle west giselle.png
"Bad Moon Rising" November 29, 2013
Kate and Chris hold a party at The Next Step Dance Studio for the team to hang out not as dancers, but as friends.
"Can't Fight This Feeling" December 6, 2013
The wrong costumes are delivered for Regionals and everyone is worried.
I'm so excited.jpg
"I'm So Excited" December 13, 2013
A-Troupe heads to Regionals.
Fancy footwork.jpg
"Fancy Footwork" December 20, 2013
The Next Step studio hits the stage for the first time in their bid to win Regionals.
This is how we do it.jpg
"This is How We Do It" December 27, 2013
The Next Step studio must face Seeds in the semi-finals round of Regionals.
Winner takes all kate chris.jpg
"Winner Takes All" January 3, 2014
The Next Step studio battles the Elite Dance Academy as the final two groups at Regionals.