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"Season 1.0 Recap" is a Season 1 special and is the first of two episodes in the miniseries Rewind. It aired on September 13, 2013.


In this special recap episode of The Next Step, series star Brittany Raymond ("Riley") takes a look at the most exciting moments from the first half of season one.


Riley welcomes the viewer to The Next Step Dance Studio's A-Troupe amidst the performance of her, Michelle, Chloe, James, West, and Daniel's routine meant to overthrow Emily as dance captain("Sabotage"). Riley explains that A-Troupe is the team that goes to Regionals, Nationals and, hopefully, Internationals; despite the team not having won Regionals in over ten years, the current team wants to change that. As the routine transforms into one incorporating Stephanie, Tiffany, Eldon, and Emily, Riley admits that sometimes dancers too easily make personal sacrifices for the sake of the team. As the dancers finish their routine, Riley admits that some things have to change from how they have always been and rewinds back to the "beginning."

Riley introduces herself("Get the Party Started") and Emily("Rock and a Hard Place") and speaks of how close they are. Riley reveals that Emily is the strict dance captain("Dance, Dance"), never including the ideas of others("Get It Together"). Riley tells the audience that Emily runs the E-Girls, which is comprised of herself, Emily, Stephanie, Tiffany, and Giselle until she is kicked out of the group when she does not make it onto A-Troupe("Everybody Dance Now"). Riley admits, however, that Giselle probably would still be on A-Troupe and E-Girls if not for the arrival of Michelle("Get the Party Started" ). Riley also speaks of Michelle and Emily's battle over dance captaincy, but admits that it isn't the only thing they would be fighting over("Everybody Dance Now").

Riley introduces Eldon as being unrequitedly obsessed with Emily, ("Get the Party Started"). but relentless in his pursuit of her nonetheless("Can You Keep a Secret?" ; "Everybody Dance Now" ) which reaches its paramount at a failed romantic gesture that inadvertently makes Emily realize that she does have feelings for Eldon("Don't Go Breaking My Heart").

Emily tried to apologize for rejecting Eldon so harshly, but is met with coldness("Sabotage") and, although she is still sorting out her feelings for him, Michelle has already fallen for him("Get It Together" )

Riley admits that every member of A-Troupe brings something different("Good Girls Go Bad"). Riley uses West as a primary example,("Get the Party Started" ) who she deems weird, citing the time he attempts to fish at the beach, states the number of grains of sand in his hand("Steal My Sunshine") and quizzes Daniel on the spelling of "impasse"("Good Girls Go Bad"). Riley uses Daniel as secondary example("Good Girls Go Bad"), deeming him a little too serious("Get the Party Started"; "Good Girls Go Bad" ), but not as serious as his ankle injury, which he hides for fear of his Regionals solo being taken away("Can You Keep a Secret?" ). Riley then speaks of James("Good Girls Go Bad"), who he deems as only caring about dance("Get the Party Started") to the detriment of his grades("Everybody Dance Now" ). Chris is able to persuade his mother against pulling him out the studio("Dance, Dance"), but James fails his mid-term exam, leaving his future at The Next Step unclear and upsetting Rilley("Sabotage" ). Riley admits that she didn't always care for James, however, and initially thought him a pain("Road to Joy" ) save for the rare times that he was "pretty great"("Rock and a Hard Place"; "Video Killed the Radio Star"; "Just the Two of Us"; "Road to Joy" ) and admits that they do have pretty good chemistry("Road to Joy").

Riley claims that her sister has always been looking out for her, but that she knows it is wrong for Emily to put her in the front row over the much more deserving Michelle and ultimately takes matters into her own hands, getting her voted out of E-Girls("Rock and a Hard Place" ). While she deems this personal, she deems her behaviour toward Michelle as affecting the whole team, citing the time that Michelle is left at Elite by her("Good Girls Go Bad"). Despite not wanting to admit it, Riley knows that Emily is longer fit to be dance captain and realizes that Michelle is the perfect person to replace her, but is met with refusal from Michelle("Love Story" ).

Riley deems Chloe a mystery("Get the Party Started" ), always leaving rehearsal early and arriving late("Dance, Dance") with no explanation. Michelle Michelle discovers Chloe's secret job to pay for dance, which Michelle never tells anyone about("Can You Keep a Secret?"). Riley, with James, tries to approach Michelle again due to her kindness toward Chloe, but is refused again("Can You Keep a Secret?"). When Chloe misses auditions for solos, she is antagonized by an unimpressed Emily, causing Michelle to stand up to her and the E-Girls, and finally accept Riley's offer("Can You Keep a Secret?").

Michelle suggests that they re-choreograph the Regionals routine to make it better, which they take on right away, and which West, Daniel, and Chloe join in on("Get It Together" ). Although, Eldon is apprehensive about joining the routine and Emily, Stephanie, and Tiffany discover the secret dance. Upon discovering this, Emily, Stephanie, and Tiffany try and fail to frame Michelle for cyberbullying("Sabotage"). The truth comes out and Michelle, Riley, James, Daniel, Chloe, and West are forced to perform their routine prematurely("Sabotage"). When the dance ends, everybody except Stephanie votes for Michelle as the new dance captain—even Eldon("Sabotage" ). Riley admits that helping make Michelle dance captain is one of the things that she is most proud of, but that overthrowing her sister as dance captain is one of the things for which she is most ashamed("Sabotage"). Having sacrificed her own sister for the sake of the team, Riley hopes that she made the right choice.

Before the end credits, a trailer for the second half of the season is shown.


  • The fourth wall is broken throughout the entirety of the episode, as Riley speaks directly to the viewer.


  • Due to the nature of the episode, many moments throughout the first half of Season 1 are shown.


  • Riley should not know about Chloe's job seeing as Michelle has not told anybody about it.




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