Season 2 of The Next Step premiered on March 7th, 2014 on Family Channel. This season was split up into two parts: Season 2.0 and Season 2.5, with the second part airing on September 12th, 2014. The season ended on January 2, 2015, but a special aired on March 13, 2015.

Season openings


Season 2 of The Next Step focuses on A-Troupe competing at the Absolute Dance Nationals. A boy named Hunter from Michelle's past in Wisconsin shows up, attempting to rekindle what he and her "had" back in Wisconsin. Hunter and Emily make plans to destroy Eldon and Michelle's relationship, in order to get back with their desired partners. The Next Step decides to host "The Challenge," an opportunity for dancers from other studios that didn't win Regionals to try out for a spot on a Nationals team.






Season 2.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Kate Emily season 2 episode 1
"Don't Stop the Party" March 7, 2014
The A-Troupe learns that the rules at Nationals are different and their team may change.
West james season 2 episode 2
"My Boyfriend's Back" March 7, 2014
A-Troupe meets their new choreographer Phoebe, and votes for open auditions for the Nationals team.
Emily kate phoebe michelle official final
"Ready to Start" March 7, 2014
The first round of auditions for the Nationals team take place.
The final cut
"The Final Cut" March 14, 2014
The Nationals team is chosen with devastating results for some A-Troupers.
Eldon hunter season 2
"The Girl Is Mine" March 14, 2014
Hunter challenges Eldon to a secret dance battle.
James Michelle Riley Thalia
"Work It" March 21, 2014
With new members in place, A-Troupe fund-raises to buy designer uniforms.
"It Takes Two" March 28, 2014
Solos and duets competitors are chosen for Nationals, where each round is an elimination.
"What'll I Do" April 4, 2014
Auditions for the small group dance are held amid personal betrayals and misunderstandings. James apologizes to Riley but she cannot bring herself to forgive him.
Michelle Emily Eldon season 2 episode 9 promo
"Never Enough" April 11, 2014
James and Riley struggle with their duet. Michelle confronts Eldon.
I hope i get it 2
"I Hope I Get It" April 18, 2014
Emily asks Hunter to help her with J-Troupe auditions to make Michelle jealous.
Kate daniel season 2
"Anything You Can Do, I Can Do Better" April 25, 2014
Michelle and Amanda promote the studio at their school while the others mentor J-Troupe.
Emily riley time to move on season 2
"Time to Move On" May 2, 2014
Riley struggles to move on from James while still working on their duet.
Giselle amanda season 2
"The Truth Comes Out" May 9, 2014
Amanda shows Michelle the video of the dance battle.
Giselle West season 2 episode 14
"Sing" May 16, 2014
Michelle and Chloe hold a scholarship fundraiser for young dancers.
"You're the One That I Want" May 23, 2014
James and Eldon do some male bonding while Hunter and Michelle go out on a date.
"Hazy Shade of Winter" May 30, 2014
AmandaGiselle, and Thalia practice their trio.
Riley emily season 2 go 2
"Game On" June 6, 2014
The pressure is on for Nationals when a key member leaves the troupe.

Season 2.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Season 2 James and Riley
"Make a Plan to Love Me" September 12, 2014
To win Riley back, James suggests she create a list of tasks to complete to prove his dedication.
Sacrifice official images
"Sacrifice" September 19, 2014
Gabi is jealous of Becca and challenges her to a dance-off. Meanwhile, Hunter tries to become friends with the rest of the boys.
Anything you can do i can do better
"Heartbreaker" September 26, 2014
Eldon challenges Hunter to win back the Nationals solo.
Giselle kate amanda season 2
"Hello Trouble" October 3, 2014
ThaliaGiselle, and Amanda represent The Next Step at a trio competition.
Riley dancer kate season 2 l promo
"Lost" October 10, 2014
James turns to the boys for help to solve a riddle for Riley, and the costumes for Nationals go missing.
Irish dancers
"Better Than This" October 17, 2014
James gets his driver's license for Riley's list.
Margie chloe season 2
"Under Pressure" October 24, 2014
Emily tries to expose Amanda but gets caught in her own trap, while James and Riley attend CPR class.
Michelle james season 2
"Just Dance" November 7, 2014
The real Amanda is exposed. Meanwhile, James tries to persuade a dancer to return to the studio.
James riley season 2 8
"Water It" November 14, 2014
Officially back together, Riley and James search for the spark they used to have together.
West hunter james eldon dance
"Run This Town" November 21, 2014
Luther Brown assists the guys with some choreography. Meanwhile, Eldon receives dating tips from James.
A-troupe season 2 episode 28
"Re-Match" November 28, 2014
The team encounters skilled competitors when they arrive at Nationals. A scavenger hunt is held, and those who complete it get to attend a party with Shawn Desman.
Eldon daniel old friends
"Old Friends" December 5, 2014
Eldon faces an old friend in his solo round at Nationals.
Riley james whirlwind
"I Don't Know" December 12, 2014
A decision about choreography weighs on James as small groups and duets compete at Nationals.
What you waiting for official
"What You Waiting For?" December 19, 2014
Michelle can't leave the mall due to shoplifting allegations, jeopardizing her chances at winning against Amanda in the female solo round.
Cdc you love me
"You Love Me" December 26, 2014
The semi-finals at Nationals end in injury, endangering The Next Step's chances at being able to perform in the finals.
Riley michelle season 2 episode 33 promo
"Danger Zone" March 13, 2015
The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit. Awards are handed out for the top three dancers in each of the categories danced so far. An unexpected supporter of The Next Step offers to help.
Nationals rewind
"Rewind" January 2, 2015
The team awaits a verdict as to whether Emily can dance or whether the team has to forfeit.


  • Season 2 was originally planned to have 26 episodes.[1]



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