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Season 4 was officially announced by Frank van Keeken on April 6, 2015.

Rehearsals for the season started on August 25, 2015.[1] Filming began on September 14 and finished on December 11 in 2015, although some extra scenes were filmed in early 2016.

The first episode of season 4.0 aired on February 15, 2016, at 5:30 pm et/pt on Family Channel in Canada. The first episode of season 4.5 premiered on October 14, 2016. A break ensued after the airing of "Nobody's Perfect" on December 16, 2016, after which the new episodes premiered on March 17, 2017 and ended on May 12, 2017. However, those episodes were previously shown in Poland, Spain, Portugal and Italy before they were shown in Canada.

Season openings


"In Season 4, after competing at Internationals in Miami, A-Troupe has made a name for themselves in the dance world, putting The Next Step Dance Studio on the map. But their return to Regionals could mean the departure of beloved favourites which would force the team to start from scratch. An influx of brand-new dancers would mean new dynamics and challenges for the studio, and the team must fight harder than ever to make it back on top. Some will succeed, some will stumble, and they will struggle with the question: Is what is best for the team, best for me?[2]

"Season four of The Next Step welcomes a new group of talented young dancers including Giuseppe Bausilio as Alfie; Alexandra Chaves as Piper; Erika Prevost as Sloane; Akiel Julien as LaTroy; Isaiah Peck as Henry; Shelby Bain as Amy; and Allie Goodbun as Cassie. Returning fan-favourites include Victoria Baldesarra as Michelle; Brittany Raymond as Riley; Logan Fabbro as Amanda; Myles Erlick as Noah; Trevor Tordjman as James; Lamar Johnson as West; Isaac Lupien as Eldon; Jordan Clark as Giselle; Briar Nolet as Richelle and Skylar Alexis Healey as Skylar. The new season will also feature guest appearances from the musicians of Lost & Found Music Studios."[2]






  • Jordan Alleyne as an unnamed dancer
  • Lauren Arena as a Dance Zone dancer
  • Erin Bagnato as a Dance Inc. dancer
  • Shelby Bain as Amy
  • Giuseppe Bausilio as Alfie
  • Madeline Beaton as a Dance Extreme dancer
  • Craig Brown as The Masked Man
  • Kailin Mackenzie Brown as an unnamed dancer
  • Katia Bruno as a Dance Zone dancer
  • Megan Caines as a Superdance dancer
  • Emma Campbell as the qualifier announcer
  • Andy Chao as a Gemini dancer
  • Stanley Chao as a Gemini dancer
  • Alexandra Chaves as Piper
  • Deshaun Clarke as Jude
  • Herbie Clarke as a bartender
  • Adele Cuicani as a Rythum Plus dancer
  • Julia D'Angela as a Sean Boutilier dancer
  • Julian Elia as Georgie
  • Allie Goodbun as Cassie
  • Emily Grady as a Rythum Plus dancer
  • Kathryn Greco as Patricia
  • Karina Grzella as a Gemini dancer
  • Rakeem Hardy as a Sean Boutilier dancer
  • Brett Hewson as an unknown character
  • Kyle Hewson as an unknown character
  • Akiel Julien as LaTroy
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as a Rythum Plus dancer
  • Samantha Lake as a Dance Extreme dancer
  • Sandra Leuba as the Swiss ambassador
  • Brooklyn Lipke as an unnamed dancer
  • Ava MacGregor as a Gemini dancer
  • Elle MacGregor as a Gemini dancer
  • Talia Machado as a Dance Zone dancer
  • Hanna Miller as Heather
  • Julia Miller as a Rythum Plus dancer
  • Michael Murray as a paramedic
  • Ray Bola Olubowale as a security guard
  • Isaiah Peck as Henry
  • Erika Prevost as Sloane
  • George Randolph as Curtis
  • Mikayla Richard as a Dance Extreme dancer
  • Myranda Ryckman as a Dance Extreme dancer
  • Graham Stewart as a London pedestrian
  • Ali Schwartz as a Gemini dancer
  • Lindsey Schwartz as a Gemini dancer
  • Claire Swift as a Dance Extreme dancer
  • Terence Symmons as Busking Busting Bobby
  • Shakor Thomas as Shark Attack
  • Yohance Thomas as Yohance
  • Brigitte Turnbull as a Rythum Plus dancer
  • Keanu Uchida as an unnamed dancer
  • Kayla Victor as an unnamed dancer
  • Gregory Villarico as Santana
  • Tamia Heron Villaroel as a Dance Inc. dancer
  • Melissa Williams as a Regionals delegate
  • Amanda-May Wilson as Avril
  • Wei Dong Yuan as a Gemini dancer
  • Weiming Yuan as a Gemini dancer



Season 4.0

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Season 4 episode 1 dance.png
"One More Time" Febuary 15, 2016
After winning Internationals, The Next Step holds an open house for the influx of new dancers. Having won it all, some A-Troupe alumni wonder if A-Troupe is still their home.
Kate piper james season 4 episode 2 promo.png
"Stir It Up" February 19, 2016
A-Troupe auditions begin amidst big decisions for two key dancers. In an attempt to prevent future arguments, Skylar and Cierra make a pact.
Skylar noah tyler henry jake season 4 hwr.png
"Heads Will Roll" February 26, 2016
In the second round of auditions, a guest choreographer challenges the auditioners with an unorthodox method of teaching. 
Riley season 4 wttj promo.png
"Welcome to the Jungle" March 4, 2016
The new A-Troupe is uncovered. Hoping to relieve the nerves of her fellow freshman, Piper decides to form a club. When Riley is offered the opportunity of a lifetime, she must make a difficult decision.
Skylar noah cassie sloane alfie piper season 4.png
"Square One" March 11, 2016
Riley holds auditions for the Regionals trio qualifier. Sloane struggles with her lack of technical skill, and Michelle and Amanda are discouraged by Richelle's expertise.
West James season 4 episode 6 promo.png
"London Calling" March 18, 2016
West receives a mysterious package from London, England, which leads to a big surprise for the bros. Noah and Amanda collaborate on a song.
James Riley wtw promo.jpg
"Walk This Way" March 25, 2016
Amanda finds herself uncharacteristically nervous around Noah. Meanwhile, Riley is wary of James going to England.
Riley alfie season 4 episode 8 promo.png
"Runaway" April 1, 2016
Riley learns that Alfie is hiding a big secret, and his future at The Next Step is in jeopardy. James, West, and Eldon arrive in London, England for the Bangers & Mashups International Hip-Hop Extravaganza.
Alfie michelle season 4 episode 9 promo.png
"Dancing with Myself" April 8, 2016
Noah's rehearsal prompts a discussion about which trio should be showcased to represent The Next Step. Meanwhile, Michelle wants Alfie to help her bolster her concentration skills on the dance floor; and Sloane gets pranked by Amy and Cassie.
Richelle Amanda Alfie Riley Michelle season 4 episode 10 promo.png
"Simple Twist of Fate" April 15, 2016
As A-Troupe dances at the qualifier, Amanda struggles to find the right time to share her feelings for Noah, while Noah continues to hide his back injury.
Patricia skylar sloane season 4 episode 11 promo.png
"On the Rocks" April 22, 2016
After the studio's defeat at the qualifier, Riley reconsiders her position as studio head. Noah and Amanda grow closer, but his back injury might get in the way.
Kmky promotional image.PNG
"Knowing Me, Knowing You" April 29, 2016
Amanda tries to figure out Noah's true feelings for her. LaTroy and Sloane get into a fight after he receives an invitation he can't refuse.
Piper michelle season 4 episode 13 promo.png
"The Game Belongs to Me" May 6, 2016
"Michelle's competitive side is on full display when she's pitted against Piper to compete at the qualifier. LaTroy seeks out Amy's help to be the best dancer he can be."
Alfie riley season 4 episode 14 promo.png
"I Can't Go for That" May 13, 2016
"Riley gets invited to an exclusive gala, and has to decide who to invite as her date. Skylar struggles to find her place on A-Troupe."
Amy LaTroy season 4 episode 15.png
"I Only Have Eyes for You" May 20, 2016
Amy makes LaTroy a proposition, but things get complicated when Sloane discovers new feelings. West and Eldon have an adventure in London.
Riley Michelle. Love Will Tears Us Apart.PNG
"Love Will Tear Us Apart" May 27, 2016
Michelle and Riley have a lunch date and take a walk down memory lane. Noah, afraid of losing his spot on A-Troupe, continues to hide his back troubles.
Riley alfie season 4 nfm promo.png
"Nobody's Fault but Mine" June 3, 2016
A new twist in the qualifier rules means A-Troupe could lose a dancer, and Riley considers pulling the team from competition.
Riley your time is gonna come promo.png
"Your Time Is Gonna Come" June 10, 2016
James, Eldon, and West compete in the first round of the Bangers & Mashups Hip-Hop Extravaganza in London.
Sloane latroy season 4 hdiyl promo.png
"How Deep Is Your Love" June 17, 2016
Alfie considers Noah's health problems and surprises Riley with a plan for the qualifiers. Meanwhile, Amanda and Noah open up to one another; and LaTroy makes an unexpected decision in the wake of receiving news from his dad.
A-troupe season 4 episode 20.PNG
"Heat of the Moment" June 24, 2016
When Noah receives a devastating diagnosis, auditions for the qualifier duet become more important than ever.

Season 4.5

No. in Series Image Title Airdate
Alfie Riley season 4 episode 21 promo.png
"Kiss and Tell" October 14, 2016
Piper struggles to keep to herself that she saw Riley and Alfie kiss.
West Eldon James season 4 episode 22 promo.png
"Rumour Has It" October 21, 2016
Piper gives Riley an ultimatum to tell James about her kiss with Alfie.
Cooper riley alfie piper season 4 episode 23 promo.png
"Here Comes Your Man" October 28, 2016
Amanda's cousin Cooper shows up to visit and notices the tension between Riley and Piper.
Alfie james season 4 episode 24 the other man promo.png
"Tainted Love" November 4, 2016
West and Eldon battle at the Bangers and Mash Ups competition in London. Noah and Amanda struggle with the next step in their relationship.
Riley alfie season 4 afil promo.png
"A Fool in Love" November 11, 2016
Amy tries to help LaTroy deal with being alone at the farm. Cassie helps Skylar deal with her fear of talking to strangers. Riley asks James for some space to sort out her feelings for Alfie.
Emily riley season 4.jpg
"Karma Police" November 25, 2016
Emily shows up to help Riley get The Next Step to Regionals. Emily tries to get to the bottom of the problem with the qualifier duet.
Riley emily season 4 episode 27 promo.png
"Only You" November 25, 2016
Sloane helps Jude from Lost & Found with his music video. Emily and Riley choose a Dance Captain. Noah struggles with being reassigned the qualifier duet.
Michelle season 4 dz promo.png
"Danger Zone" December 2, 2016
Riley asks James for an impossible favour for the studio. Skylar helps the Zero Percenters deal with their nerves. James and Alfie have a heated conversation.
Alfie riley season 4 r promo.png
"Rivalry" December 9, 2016
James and Alfie represent The Next Step at the final qualifier. Skylar has to step in to help when the situation is at a crossroads.
Michelle richelle season 4 np promo.png
"Nobody's Perfect" December 16, 2016
Riley and Alfie have their first date and it does not go well. Noah takes a big step in his relationship with Amanda.
Noah skylar shake it off promo.png
"Shake It Off" March 17, 2017
Amy helps Cassie with a history project. Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him. Skylar helps Noah get competition ready.
A-troupe come together dance promo.png
"Come Together" November 17, 2016
Riley helps the team get ready for competition by doing anti-bullying exercises. Everyone learns the different types of bullying behavior and how to deal with it.
Latroy amy it aint easy.png
"It Ain't Easy" March 24, 2017
James meets up with an old friend in London. Riley is confused by her feelings towards Alfie. LaTroy returns from time with his father and turns to Sloane to sort out his feelings.
Eldon west james season 4 bal promo.png
"Bold As Love" March 31, 2017
Eldon, West and James compete in the finals at the Bangers and Mashups International Hip Hip Competition.
Riley taking care of business promo.png
"Taking Care of Business" April 7, 2017
James and Riley return to the studio, only to discover that a team member has left. West and Eldon help the small group with their choreography.
Sloane latroy season 4 teog promo.png
"The Edge of Glory" April 14, 2017
The team prepares to leave for Regionals. Cassie is made the alternate dancer. Giselle drops by on a break from her tour and gives Amanda a special invitation.
Amanda noah riley michelle even better than the real thing promo.png
"Even Better Than the Real Thing" April 21, 2017
The team competes in the first round at Regionals. Due to a misreading of the rules, the solo round is not what they expected. The result is devastating.
Amanda amy season 4 dsmn promo.png
"Don't Stop Me Now" April 28, 2017
The Next Step competes in the sudden death trio round. Michelle pushes herself before the trio dance in order to be ready. Amanda struggles with the offer from Giselle.
Richelle noah season 4 lp promo.png
"Livin' on a Prayer" May 5, 2017
The team compete in the duet round of Regionals. However, with Sloane disqualified and Michelle injured, the Next Step doesn't have enough dancers to dance in the final—if they make it there.
Latroy sloane season 4 acigc promo.png
"A Change Is Gonna Come" May 12, 2017
Now that Alfie is back, the team is able to compete in the Regionals final. But when Michelle shows up ready to dance, Riley has to make a heartbreaking decision.


  • This season has the most episodes out of all the seasons in The Next Step.
  • This season is the first not to have a head choreographer.
  • In this season, the characters seem self-aware to some extent, as they introduce the "Previously on" segment in front of a camera at the beginning of episodes, as opposed to a voice-over like in previous and future seasons. Additionally, this season features real world commentary which also breaks the fourth wall.
  • Lamar Johnson directed "I Can't Go for That."
  • Trevor Tordjman directed "Only You."
  • This is the last season to  feature the previous seasons opening sequence.



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