== SEASON 6, EPISODE 1: It's On==


After A-Troupe qualify for Regionals, they brace themselves as Michelle and Emily are fired by Miss Kate and a strict new studio head comes to The Next Step. But when A-Troupe really get to know her, is she what she seems? 


Noah, Kingston, Ozzy, Henry, Heather, Jacquie, Piper and Amy are in Studio A, just practising and having fun. Kingston reveals that after either Michelle or Emily let Richelle dance on an injury, they got fired. However, Amy believes that it is not Michelle nor Emily's fault as Richelle should have told them this. Noah claims that with all this drama, TNS might never be the same old International winning troupe. 

Michelle and Emily are in Shakes & Ladders, the new Neutral Grounds. They have uniforms on, implying that they have been hired at Shakes & Ladders. Michelle is annoyed that Emily let Richelle dance on an injured hip. Emily says that she was told by Daniel that Richelle was injured, but believed that it would be on Richelle's shoulders if she injured herself. Michelle thought when Emily first took over A-Troupe last year, she would be a qualified studio head and prepared for Qualifiers. Turns out she brought A-Troupe to shambles. Zara, Lola and Josh left since TNS qualified for Regionals, and if Michelle and Emily were still in charge of A-Troupe, then maybe they would've stayed. 

Miss Kate and the remainder of A-Troupe are in Studio One. A random person is in Studio One as well. Miss Kate soon introduces her as Miss Angela, the new studio head of The Next Step. Ozzy asks who the other 4 people are. Miss Kate leaves Studio One and Miss Angela introduces the four as Summer, who won the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship, something everyone in A-Troupe competed for in The Off Season: Season 2. Finn and Kenzie, who are known for pop and sizzle, and finally Lily, and Miss Angela describes her as someone no-one can keep up with. Some of A-Troupe wonder if Miss Angela is a good fit for TNS. 


Zara, Lola, and Josh have left The Next Step.                                                                                                                  

Michelle and Emily are no longer co-studio heads. 

Miss Angela is the new studio head for The Next Step.

Finn, Summer, Kenzie and Lily are now in A-Troupe.