An unnamed security guard guards the doors to the main office at Absolute Dance Regionals.


Before the show

The security guard was hired to work at Regionals.

Season 4

The security guard persists in disallowing Skylar access to the main office to resolve the clerical error with the The Next Step's paperwork, but eventually allows her in.[1]


The security guard is monotonous, tough, truculent and strict; as far as he is concerned, no-one gets past him into the main office without the correct documentation. Despite these traits, he has a soft side of which he only shows in reading a novel to his significant other on the phone and eventually letting Skylar through the doors.

Physical appearance


The security guard is a tall, burly man with dark skin and dark brown eyes.


The security guard wears a uniform consisting of a black t-shirt and a black cap, with SECURITY printed on them in white. He also wears black trousers and silver earrings.


Season 4


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