Seeds Street Crew[1] (or simply Seeds) is a hip-hop dance crew led by Marcel, of which West is formerly a member. The team competes at the 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals competition where they lose during the semi-finals.[2]


Seeds is a hip-hop dance crew that enlists dancers into their crew by challenging them to a dance-off.[3]

Seeds challenged The Next Step Dance Studio to a dance battle. Knowing that he cannot compete with both teams, West quits Seeds. Seeds wins the dance battle, and becomes one of The Next Step's greatest competitors.[4]

The 17th Annual Absolute Dance Regionals is the first Regionals Seeds ever attends.[4] At the event, Tony is stopped at the border and is unable to arrive in time for the first round of Regionals. West fills in for the missing dancer and allows the team to win the round.[1] Although the team proves to be a force to be reckoned with, they lose to The Next Step in the semi-finals.[2]


Seeds is a street crew, meaning that they do not practice in a studio. Seeds isn't a very prestigious studio and seemingly don't compete at many big competitions. Seeds are also quite a casual troupe relying more upon sheer wow factor instead of technique synonymous with the dance style of former member West.

Seeds consists entirely of hip-hop dancers. Although, many of the dancers appear to be proficient in acro and breakdance as well.


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Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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