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A-troupe is announced


A-troupe is announced, it includes Finn, Noah, Kingston, Henry, Lily, Davis, Alexandra, Piper, Adam, Skylar, Jacquie and Summer Heather is shocked.

Noah-Lily Davis-Finn Henry-Jacquie Piper-Adam Kingston-Alexandra Skylar-Summer

Thalia comes in and announces she is studio head. She announces there is going to be a dance captain battle. Piper, Skylar, Noah, Henry, Jacquie and Lily step forward. They are each going to choreograph duets.

Skylar and Finn start straight away. They dance to look alive. Lily sneaks in and films it. In studio 1 Noah and Adam are dancing to united divided. Adam says that him and his brother's relation ship reflect this because Josh is now at a different studio. Lily films it. Jacquie and Davis come in Adam leaves but Noah stays to watch them dance. Noah says Davis is an amazing dancer and he loves her dancing so much. He admits hehas a little crush on her. I When the dance is finished he claps and hugs Davis in congratulation. Jacquie asks how good she did. Noah says it was ok but Davis was by far the best. Jacquie says she is really hurt as Noah is meant to be her boyfriend.

Piper and Alexandra dance in studio 1 and Piper says it's great but it hurts because she did this duet with Amy once. Alexandra explains that Amy left and she won't be dancing. She tells Piper to look ahead instead of behind. Lily says she knows exactly what to do now to make sure she is dance captain.

Giselle walks into studio A.


Noah likes Davis

Lily, Skylar, Henry, Noah, Jacquie and Piper want to be dance captain.

A troupe are Noah, Finn, Adam, Henry, Kingston, Alexandra, Davis, Jacquie, Lily, Piper, Skylar and Summer.