Next chapter Is Series 6 lnm fanfiction: Once again



Richelle and Lily face off while Thalia tries to fight for her position as studio head.


Thalia looks at studio A and Giselle comes in and they hug. Lily and Richelle walks on followed by Davis, Noah and Kate.

Thalia Noah-Lily Adam-Davis Piper-Henry Jacquie-Kingston Finn-Alexandra

Richelle, Noah and Davis do their trio and the song makes miss Kate overwhelmed saying Richelle needs to be on A troupe. Richelle demands that if she's in Lily's out. After hesitation Kate accepts.

Everyone teaches Richelle the routine. Richelle thinks it is way to centred round her. So she swaps her solo for a contemporary section saying Lily had to much jazz.

They perform the routine flawlessly. In the end Deborah walks into studio A and calls Piper Seemore