I just called Alfie James! I just made a huge mistake!


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"Shake It Off" is the 31st episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 125th episode overall. It aired on March 17, 2017.


Amy helps Cassie with a history project. Riley makes a mistake with Alfie and tries to make it up to him. Skylar helps Noah get competition ready.[1]


Riley season 4 sio

Riley calls Alfie James.

Riley and Alfie encounter each other at Java Junction. After joking with each other the two prepare to part ways during which Riley mistakenly calls Alfie "James." Alfie grows silently upset and leaves wordlessly, while Riley is left mortified and confesses that she made a huge mistake.

Sloane, Skylar, Alfie, Henry, and Noah rehearse their quintet for Regionals. While his peers are dancing their fullest, Noah marks the routine, still wary of dancing despite the doctor having cleared him. Skylar notices that Noah is marking the routine, and believes it is her job to get to the bottom of it as dance captain. Once the five dancers conclude their rehearsal, Alfie pulls Henry aside to discuss Riley mistaking him for James. Henry urges Alfie not to worry, as Riley has dated James for a long time and it is only natural that she would mistake him for her long-time boyfriend. Alfie decides that Henry is right. As the dancers leave Studio A, Skylar asks Noah to stay behind. Skylar asks Noah why he was marking the routine, and he replies that he cannot find it within himself to dance full out. Skylar, having watched plenty of movies, decides to put Noah through a training montage.

Cassie amy season 4 sio 2

Amy suggests that Cassie make a video about the dance styles of each decade.

Cassie is attempting to film her history assignment in Java Junction, which proves to be fruitless. Amy arrives and inquires about what Cassie is doing. Cassie explains that for her history class she has to make a video discussing every decade from the 1960s until now, an assignment she is not too keen about since she dislikes history. Amy is thrilled to help Cassie since she loves history and suggests that she speak of the dance style in each decade. Amy tells Cassie to meet her Studio A later.

Cassie enters Studio A to find Piper, Richelle, Sloane, Amy, and Henry. Piper dances first in the style of the 60s, which enthuses Cassie. Meanwhile, Alfie and Riley sip their drinks wordlessly in Java Junction. Alfie confesses that it will be best if they pretend as though Riley never called him James, while Riley thinks the issue needs to be addressed immediately. Riley apologizes profusely to Alfie. At first, Alfie feigns ignorance, but eventually forgives Riley. Alfie asks Riley out to watch a black and white movie later, which Riley accepts, although while mistakenly calling Alfie James again. As Alfie leaves, Riley wonders in Talking Heads why she keeps messing things up if Alfie is the perfect guy.

Noah skylar season 4 sio 3

Noah eventually succeeds in standing on one foot in arabesque.

Noah meets Skylar in the Rehearsal Room for his training montage. As per The Karate Kid, Skylar asks Noah to stand on a block on one foot, albeit in arabesque. Noah initially struggles, but eventually accomplishes the task.

Henry and Amy dance in the style of the 1970s, which fuses punk and pop. Meanwhile, Riley pulls Alfie aside in Java Junction and invites him on a "spectacular" date she claims to have planned when, in reality, she has planned nothing.

As per Rocky, Skylar orders Noah to punch two cabbages (as opposed to meat, since Skylar is vegetarian). Noah is hesitant to comply, but ultimately does so. Skylar confesses that Noah is starting to trust himself again. Meanwhile, Sloane and Henry dance in the style of the 80s, which is largely breakdance and hip-hop.

Riley alife season 4 sio

Alfie slowly chews the food.

Riley is in the Lounge, doing the finishing touches on the date; she is clad in an "I ❤ SWITZERLAND" t-shirt and has prepared what she believes to be traditional Swiss food. When Alfie enters the room, Riley greets Alfie in inauthentic Swiss German, which he replies to in Swiss German, leaving Riley confused until he clarifies the English translation. Riley shows Alfie their meal of cheese and chocolate fondue, which Alfie admits is not eaten that regularly in Switzerland. The fondue also proves to not be the greatest, as Riley had accidentally dropped cheese in it and, unable to get all of it out, decided to just mix it in. Judging from the look on Alfie's face, Riley presumes the date is going poorly.

As per Star Wars, Skylar hands Noah a tennis racket and blindfolds him. She intends to throw things at him and have him use "the force" to dodge or hit the objects. Noah and Skylar hope this will be the ultimate test, since Noah was at his peak during the blindfolded routine at Internationals. Skylar begins pelting balls at Noah, thus initiating the montage; in the slow-motion recap Noah initially struggles with the three tasks he was provided with but eventually rises to the occasion. At the end, Noah thanks Skylar for helping him unlock his potential.

Cassie season 4 sio 2

Cassie confesses that her grade is going to go up.

Cassie decides to dance next. Cassie dances with Piper in the style of the 1990s. Next Amy and Sloane dance in the style of the 2000s. Cassie confesses that this is the best project ever and that her grade is bound to increase.

Riley and Alfie's date prolongs and remains awkward. Riley apologizes to Alfie again and she forgives her, but says he must go due to a personal commitment. Riley has to ask Alfie for a goodbye kiss, which proves to be unfulfilling. As Riley is left sitting alone, she realizes that no matter what she does, her relationship with Alfie ends with disaster.


  • This episode is the first episode back from the winter break on Family Channel.



  • Richelle is seen among those who will dance for Cassie's video but never actually dances.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Taylor Swift.





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