Shannon is so much better than this. The pressure's getting to her.

Cierra, "Let the Games Begin"

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Shannon is a former member of B-Troupe.

Shannon is initially a member of Elite Dance Academy, but transfers to B-Troupe[1] shortly after losing to West in the dance battles against The Next Step Dance Studio.[2]


Before the show

Shannon is still a part of Elite. It can be presumed that she joined Elite between Seasons 2 and 3 as she was never seen before at Elite and nothing was implied about her being at Elite before Season 3.

Season 3

Shannon loses to West in the dance battles, especially due to her consistent fumbling throughout the routine.[2] Lucien starts shouting at her,[2] possibly contributing to her transferring B-Troupe.[1]

She auditions for A-Troupe when Chloe leaves, but does not make it.[3]

Shannon has left The Next Step Dance Studio.[4]


Although quiet, Shannon is shown to be friendly. She gets nervous quite easily, and easily cracks under pressure.[2]

Physical appearance

Shannon has light skin and long brown hair. She is quite tall and thin.

During her time at Elite, Shannon wears the Elite uniform. After joining B-Troupe, Shannon stops wearing the uniform of Elite and begins wearing other clothes. She usually wears blue.


Season 3


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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