Shawarma is an Arab dish consisting of meat that can be put into a wrap.[1] It is James' favourite food.


Shawarma is introduced in "Road to Joy" when James presents his love for the dish and forces Riley to get some with him. Once the two purchase their shawarmas, James sits on a park bench and smells it. From this point, the dish continues to be mentioned.

In "Water It," Riley brings shawarma on her date with James.

In "Never There," while pretending to be James, Riley eats a shawarma with extra tzatziki and gives a piece to Eldon after noticing him eyeing it.


Shawarma is a wrap with meat inside of it.

James adores shawarma; it is clearly his favourite food. Riley initially says that she doesn't like shawarma,[2] although she thoroughly enjoys eating it in a later episode; it is possible that Riley was lying about her opinion of the dish in her aggravation at James, that her taste has changed, or that she was only pretending to like shawarma since she was pretending to be James while she was eating it.[3] Eldon appears to also like shawarma since he eyes it when Riley is eating it and gladly takes a bite.[3] Despite the generally positive perception of the dish, James has said that he has gotten food poisoning from the meat in shawarma on several occasions.[4] Of course, it is feasible that there is something wrong with the preparation of shawarma at the establishment that James purchases it from rather than the dish as a whole.


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