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"She's Not You" is the 29th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 93rd episode overall. It aired on December 4, 2015.


The Next Step's chances at competing in the semi-finals against Summerford School of Dance are jeopardized when a dancer gets food poisoning.


Riley stephanie season 3 sny

Riley asks Ella why it is that they don't look ready.

The Next Step Dance Studio, having an hour on-stage, is rehearsing their routine. Summerford School of Dance arrives moments later, Ella claiming that time is up. Riley thinks that Ella is merely messing with them, but the Internationals delegate affirms Ella's statement. Ella goes on to say that The Next Step is not ready for semi-finals, angering Riley.

Amanda and Michelle go onto the Internationals stage in order to see what the stage is like, since they will not be in any dances. The two are in awe of the size of the stage and the seating area. The two playfully dance together, taking in the atmosphere. Michelle seems particular enamored. SNR Network's coverage of the event begins. Chuck Anderson speaks of the semi-finals with Ashley Leggat adding that after the day, only two teams will remain. Meanwhile, West is lying on the floor of the Orange Blossom Room, sick with what James diagnoses as food poisoning (since he eats shawarmas all of the time and experiences it first hand). James believes that he will be okay in 24 hours which Kate deems as time that they do not have. West urges Noah, Max, and Kate to help him up just as a wave of nausea overwhelms him, and he sprints out of the room looking very ill, no doubt heading for the men's room. Kate realizes that West will need to be replaced and since he was one of the dancers that Michelle was responsible for, she is chosen to replace him. Michelle confesses that while she feels bad for West, she cannot wait to perform.

Accademia Toscana di Danza takes the stage, versing Stockholm Dans Teatre. Meanwhile, the other Next Steppers are teaching Michelle the routine. Stockholm Dance Theatre goes on-stage, then. Back in the Orange Blossom Room, Michelle is picking up the choreography extremely well. Kate ushers the dancers to get their costumes. West stays behind, though, although he assures that he will join them in two minutes. On-stage, Sweden finishes their routine to applause and a standing ovation. The judges deem Sweden as the winner. Chuck and Ashley remind the viewers that the team still hasn't used their five point advantage.

Michelle and Giselle go over the dance back-stage. James and Noah join them. Michelle asks if the Internationals stage is any different from the Regionals or Nationals stage, and Noah says that he doesn't know since he has not been to either. Noah says that it'll be weird starting over at Regionals the next year. James confesses that going back to Regionals will seem like a step back.

Eng semis

England performs.

Summerford School of Dance takes the stage. The premise of their routine is of a little girl who enters an enchanted forest in which the trees try to scare her, the moral being that you can control your fear. The Next Step quickly grows nervous at seeing how technically beautiful England's routine is. Kate calls them in and tells them to only worry about themselves so that they can truly dance their best. England finishes their routine and The Next Step is called to the stage. Just as they are about to enter the stage, West rushes into the wings in costume, claiming that he is ready to dance. Kate tells Michelle that it is her call; Michelle lets West dance instead of herself and although she is happy that he is feeling better, she is disappointed that she will be unable to dance.

The Next Step takes the stage. The premise of their dance is that James is in a dream set in the past, in which he experiences swing dancing. Likewise, James's character realizes that the old-fashioned dancers have never seen hip-hop and, by the end, the dance is a hip-hop-swing fusion. West confesses that he feels much better and James confesses that he feels super happy because even while it may be his last time dancing, he loves it. As Michelle watches, she confesses that while her companions are dancing amazingly, she wishes she was dancing with them. As Ella exchanges worried looks with her teammates, she confesses that while The Next Step is good, she is sure that her team will win. The Next Step finishes to cheering and a standing ovation, with both Chuck and Ashley visibly in awe. England enters the stage, them and TNS awaiting the results. The judges deem The Next Step as the winner. Backstage, Ella attempts to hug Riley but is rejected. Ella explains that since the competition between them is over, that they can be friends. Riley declines.

The next step 3

Kate is shocked at Lucien's presence.

The Next Step is warming up for finals when James pulls Riley aside, telling her that he just wants to be with the band, and no longer wants to dance. He expects Riley to be okay with this, although she is not, as she sees this as James saying that he doesn't want to be with her any more. Kate arrives then, and tells the dancers to stop warming up and begin dancing. Suddenly, Lucien arrives. Kate tells him to leave, as it is a closed rehearsal, but Lucien explains that he is an Internationals judge. Cierra confesses that with Lucien as a judge, there is no way that they will win.




Production errors

  • During the SNR Network's reel of the quarter-finals, Accademia Toscana di Danza's routine is incorrect; while all of the other teams' clips are of their music mystery dance, Italy's is of their upcoming semi-final routine.

Cultural references

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Elvis Presley.






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