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I didn't know it then, but not making A-Troupe was the best thing that ever happened to me.

— Skylar, telling Jacquie about her time at Gemini.

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Skylar is a contemporary and acro dancer who is the dance captain at Gemini Dance Studio and a former member of A-Troupe.

Skylar is a forced to dance battle against her older sister, Cierra, for a spot on the Internationals, but loses.[4] Skylar eventually joins B-Troupe, but is frustrated with having to sacrifice her time in favour of Cierra's strenuous dance schedule.[5]

Despite initially wishing to be captain of her rugby team, Skylar decides to audition for A-Troupe instead.[6][7] Skylar makes it onto and stays on the team despite her sister's wishes, and eventually becomes dance captain.

Skylar confidently auditions for A-Troupe the next dance season, and is irate when she does not make it and is sent back to B-Troupe. Refusing to remain on the inferior troupe, Skylar leaves[8] and joins Gemini, where she becomes dance captain.[9]


Before the show

Skylar joined Elite Dance Academy, where she danced with her older sister, Cierra. After her parents' divorce, it became all the more important for Skylar to dance at the same studio as Cierra, since their single mom would be unable to drive her and Cierra to two different studios.[10]

Skylar experienced harsh bullying that became so bad that Cierra had to walk her home from school everyday to ensure the absence of her harassment.[11]

Season 3

Skylar is excited to compete for a position on the Internationals team, until she is pitted against Cierra. Skylar decides that she will forfeit the competition with her sister so that they can both dance. Although, Skylar is forced to dance against Cierra when Lucien proclaims that their forfeit will result in them being kicked out of Elite. Despite a promising solo, Skylar loses the dance battle.[4]

Skylar wonders what she is going to do, since she cannot dance at a different studio from Cierra. Upon Stephanie's suggestion, Skylar asks Kate if she can join B-Troupe, which Kate accepts.[5]

Skylar is excited at the prospect of being able to go to Miami with Cierra when a spot opens on A-Troupe. Although, Skylar does not get the spot after her audition.[12]

Having to wait so long and so regularly for Cierra to finish rehearsal so that she can be driven home begins to anger Skylar. Skylar makes an agreement with her mother that she can get picked up whenever she finishes B-Troupe rehearsal, forcing Cierra to take the bus. Skylar's solution results in Cierra's anger,[2] but Skylar eventually makes up with her.[2]

When A-Troupe has trouble registering at Absolute Dance Internationals, Skylar participates in a duet with Richelle in order to "cleanse" the studio.[13]

Skylar is overjoyed when The Next Step Dance Studio wins Internationals.[14]

Season 4

Despite initially wanting to be captain of her rugby team, Skylar instead decides to audition for A-Troupe. Skylar makes a pact with Cierra that either both of them make A-Troupe, or neither does.[6] When Skylar makes it onto A-Troupe and Cierra doesn't, Skylar ignores the pact and remains on the troupe.[15] Although, Skylar complies with Cierra's request to convince Riley, who may become studio head and therefore leave an open position on the troupe, to give her a spot on the troupe.[15] Skylar is angry when the spot goes to Amanda instead.[16] Although Skylar and her trio members are not picked to represent the studio at the first qualifier,[16] Skylar convinces Riley to let her trio re-audition after witnessing the botched rehearsal of the picked trio. Skylar is angry when her trio is not picked in the end,[17] which intensifies upon the studio's loss at the qualifier.[18] Skylar becomes determined to get Riley to resign as studio head by attempting to turn her fellow dancers against Riley, but is deterred by Alfie.[19]


Skylar declines the offer to join the Zero Percent Club.

After not being granted a spot in the next qualifier,[20] Skylar finds herself feeling defeated, which is mixed with loneliness at Cierra's absence from the studio. This is noticed by a few of her peers, resulting in being invited to join the Zero Percent Club. While appreciating the offer, Skylar refuses due to her experiences with being bullied by a clique. Despite being assured that the club is not a clique, Skylar still refuses the offer, but is happy that she isn't really alone.[11]

Skylar runs for the position of dance captain and, after successfully passing each given task, gets the position. She also receives the dance captain diary to assist her in her new role.[21]

Skylar attends the final qualifier to support Alfie and James. After observing Alfie and James fighting over who should perform the solo when the team ties with another, Skylar steps in and leads the team to victory.[22]

Skylar successfully resolves a clerical error at Regionals, allowing the team to dance in the trio round.[3] Skylar also helps her team make it to the finals, being featured in the semi-final routine.[23] Nonetheless, the team loses the competition, much to her discontent.[24]

Season 5

Skylar auditions for A-Troupe. Despite her confidence that she will be dance captain once more, she does not make it onto the team and is demoted to B-Troupe. Refusing to dance on the suboptimal group, Skylar angrily quits the studio in pursuit of a better one.[8] She finds herself at Gemini Dance Studio, where she becomes dance captain.[9]

With a girl on her team having broken her leg, Skylar offers Jacquie a spot on their team, which will come with a solo at Regionals, having seen how talented she is at the A-Troupe audition. Skylar is angry when Jacquie turns down the offer.[9]


Skylar is initially sweet and quiet girl. Unlike some her her fellow B-Troupers, she is extremely eager to assist in matters that pertain to A-Troupe, no matter how seemingly ludicrous, such as passing a jumbled message along[10] or cleansing the studio.[13] She is rarely angry, the only time in which she showcases frustration being when she has to wait for Cierra to finish rehearsal.[25]

Skylar's entrance into A-Troupe marks a shift in her character. This is initally seen in Skylar's refusal to step down from the troupe for Cierra's sake exemplifies a newfound determination.[15] Although, Skylar's determination verges on pride, however, seen in her anger at not being able to dance at the qualifier[17] and her subsequent quest to get Riley to resign as studio head.[19] Skylar becomes more assertive, as seen in the way she convinces the security guard to let her past the doors he is so adamant against her entering.[3] Nonetheless, Skylar still remains loyal to her teammates, causing a successful bout as dance captain.[21] Despite her newfound assertiveness, she still struggles with speaking to strangers, which she is able to overcome with Cassie's help.[26] Skylar also can be quite friendly and polite, seen by her (albeit reluctant) gratitude to the security guard for letting her through the doors to fix a clerical error.[3]

The progression of time only strengthens Skylar's aptness to rage, seen through her reaction to not making it onto A-Troupe[8] and to Jacquie refusing her offer for a spot on Gemini.[9] Skylar also becomes quite cocky, deriding those who are in B-Troupe, despite having been in the troupe before, and expressing her initial surety that her not making it onto A-Troupe is a mistake.[8]

Physical appearance


Skylar resembles Cierra with her straight hair and pale, freckled skin. Although, Skylar is noticeably shorter and more cherubic, has darker brown hair, and brown eyes as opposed to Cierra's blue.


While dancing with Elite, Skylar wears a black tank top and leggings. After joining B-Troupe, Skylar continues to wear a tank top and leggings to dance, but in brighter colours like purple and pink, and with varying prints. Around the time Skylar is admitted into A-Troupe, her dance wear becomes a bit more muted in colour, ranging from dark red to dark grey.

Skylar's street wear is quite feminine, usually consisting of dresses, fitted jackets, and accessories like scarves. Although, Skylar occasionally dresses down by wearing a simple top and leggings.



  • Acro: Acro is one of Skylar's main styles, of which she is very proficient in.
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is one of Skylar's main styles, of which she is very proficient in.
  • Hip-hop: Skylar is proficient in hip-hop, successfully performing a hip-hop trio with LaTroy and Henry[27][17] and dancing in a hip-hop routine at Regionals.[23]



  • Rugby: Skylar is a commendable rugby player, considering that she was considering being team captain.[7] Although, it is assumed that Skylar has since quit the sport to focus on dance.


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Group dances

Group dances



  • Skylar likes baseball.[25]
  • Skylar is a vegetarian.[28]


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