Skylar has a series of relationships.



Cierra is not only Skylar's older sister, but her best friend. Skylar is extremely close to her and, up until Season 4, has always danced at the same studio as her. This close relationship can be attributed to Skylar actually being Cierra's sister in real life.

Despite her close relationship with Cierra, it is not without disagreements. Skylar becomes very angry with Cierra when she has to wait for her to complete her dance classes and spitefully makes Cierra take the long bus ride home so she can leave earlier.[1] Cierra also becomes angry with Skylar when she breaks their pact by remaining on A-Troupe even though Ciera doesn't make it.[2] In both cases, Skylar makes up with Cierra.[3][2]

When Cierra doesn't make it onto A-Troupe, Skylar attempts to get her the empty spot on the troupe and is angry when she does not get it.[2][4]



After the studio's loss at the first qualifier, which Skylar forewarns Riley about, Skylar deems Riley unfit to be studio head. Therefore, Skylar begins badmouthing Riley to her peers and even holds a meeting in the hopes of dethroning Riley. Skylar is only dissuaded after a pep talk from Alfie.

Although, Skylar later appears to harbour no ill feelings toward Riley in an almost unrealistic turn of events. Skylar becomes aware of her controversial relationship with Alfie, which is clearly clouding Riley's judgment, but appears undeterred.



When Noah gets his back injured and must undergo surgery, Skylar is one of the few dancers who comforts him, assuring him that he'll be "out-flipping [her] no time."[5]

When Noah returns to studio, Skylar is the only one who notices Noah's hesitance to dancing and does something about it. Skylar dedicates her time to increasing Noah's confidence and getting him to feel comfortable to dance again.[6]


Richelle appears to be Skylar's good friend. While in B-Troupe together, the two appear to be quite close, and upon Phoebe's request Skylar performs a "cleansing duet" with Richelle.


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