Sloane is a hip-hop dancer who is a former member of A-Troupe and currently works with Luther Brown.[1]

Sloane auditions for A-Troupe with LaTroy and, despite the contemporary audition choreography, makes it onto the troupe. Sloane is met with several roadblocks due to her background in hip-hop, but gains confidence through dancing in a music video with Jude.[2] When drawn to be the female soloist for The Next Step at Regionals. Sloane is very nervous, but finds confidence in remembering her music video; Sloane comes to realize that she is actually performing the choreography from the video itself, which is forbidden. Sloane is consequently disqualified from the entire competition.[3]

Sloane gets the opportunity to work with Luther Brown, and takes it over auditioning for A-Troupe.[1]


Before the show

Sloane met and befriended LaTroy due to their mothers being close with each other.[4] During Sloane's first encounter with LaTroy, she threw a toy truck at his head, leaving imprints of the wheel on LaTroy's forehead. Some time later, Sloane was convinced by LaTroy to ride off a bike ramp, which ended badly.[5]

At Sloane's first dance competition, she was in an Adam-and-Eve-themed duet with the cutest boy in the studio. At the point where she was supposed to give her partner the apple, it ricocheted off him as he performed a series of spins, bounced off three kids' heads, and hit the judge in the face. Needless to say, she and her partner were disqualified.[6]

Another time, Sloane forgot to bring her costume to a dance competition and danced in her skinny jeans, which proved uncomfortable.[7]

While at this studio, Sloane danced with LaTroy.[8]

Season 4

Although she struggles with the contemporary choreography in the audition,[9] Sloane makes it onto A-Troupe.[10] However, she remains nervous about the fact that she only does hip-hop. To ease her nerves, Sloane becomes a member of and joins the Zero Percent Club.[10]
Sloane season 4 lc

Sloane attempts to clear her head by performing a solo.

Sloane is wary of auditioning for the Regionals trio qualifier with Noah and Piper because they are both contemporary dancers, but is motivated by LaTroy and Piper. To her surprise, the trio goes extremely well, to the point that Sloane is sure it will get chosen. Surely enough, her trio is the winning one, although she is replaced in favour of Richelle.[11] Discouraged yet again, Sloane seeks advice from Michelle, and is encouraged to persevere.[12]

Sloane is jealous when she discovers that LaTroy is going on a date with Amy, but cannot initially pinpoint why. Sloane comes to realize that her jealously is a result of her having romantic feelings for LaTroy. Although Sloane's feeling are left unreciprocated and LaTroy begins dating Amy, causing Sloane's friendships with LaTroy and Amy to deteriorate.[13]

Despite their shaky friendship, Sloane is still upset when she discovers that LaTroy is leaving the studio to renovate an old farmhouse with his dad. To hide her sadness, Sloane initially greets LaTroy with hostility. As LaTroy is about to leave, though, Sloane sadly embraces him and begs him not to go, but quickly resorts to anger once more when he tells her he must leave anyway.[14]

Sloane continues to evade and reject Amy, but admits that she still loves her.[15] When forced to clean the mirrors in the Rehearsal Room with Amy, Sloane finds herself laughing with her. After some coercing from Amy, Sloane finally agrees to be her friend again.[16] However, Sloane isn't as keen about rekindling her friendship with LaTroy. She initially refuses to speak to LaTroy over video-chat when Amy suggests that she does so. Sloane eventually decides to have a conversation with him, during which she apologizes to him. Despite the conversation being awkward, Sloane deems in to be a start.[17] Sloane soon realizes that she wants to be best friends with LaTroy again and, with Amy's help, tells LaTroy as much.[18]

Sloane dances in a music video with Jude, which heightens her confidence.[2]

Sloane is elated when LaTroy returns to the studio,[19] but still struggles pushing her romantic feelings aside. Despite how painful it is to pretend she only cares for LaTroy as a friend, Sloane does so for the sake of keeping their friendship.

Ebttrt sloane cries in solitude

Sloane cries alone, feeling guilty for breaking the rules.

Sloane is racked with nerves when she is spontaneously given the solo at Regionals. Although, Sloane is able to ultimately perform an exceptional dance. It is not until Sloane is far into her solo that she realizes she is doing the choreography from her music video with Jude, which is against the rules in a freestyle round. Sloane initially wins the round, but is disqualified from the competition once it is brought to the judges' attention that she cheated, causing the team to lose the round. Sloane is left devastated at what she did, but is comforted by LaTroy who tells her that he loves her. While elated that LaTroy finally reciprocates her feelings, she wonders what will happen, since he is still dating Amy.[3]

Sloane notices an emotional scene between LaTroy and Amy and asks LaTroy what it was about. Sloane is surprised to hear that LaTroy broke up with Amy, but happy to hear that he did so because he wants to be with her. She assures him that she feels the same way and commences a relationship with him.[20]

Season 5

Having accepted to offer to work with Luther Brown, Sloane decides not to audition for A-Troupe. Nonetheless, she accompanies LaTroy to Studio 1 and wishes him luck.[1]

Sloane is offered to be a dancer — rather than an assistant — on Luther Brown's tour and takes it. She gives LaTroy the opportunity to take her place, to which he accepts.[21]

Season 6

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Sloane is willing to please, but can come off as awkward or unintentionally rude. She is initially a bit of a coward, who is wary of the unknown and prone to doubting herself, proven when she considers bowing out of the trio with Piper and Noah because they are contemporary dancers.[11] Sloane can also be quite envious.

Sloane is very motivational and encouraging, often deeming things she likes as "sick." She is genuinely caring and empathetic, which sometimes comes force through anger, as seen when she yells at LaTroy for leaving to be with his deadbeat father. Although it often takes time, Sloane can recognize when she is at fault and is willing to forgive those who have wronged her.

Sloane becomes more confident in herself and her dancing as the show progresses, and attempts to put herself out there more.

Physical appearance


Sloane has tan skin, dark eyes, and dark wavy hair. She is short in stature.


Sloane's wardrobe is quite vibrant. Sloane wears bright colours like pink and blue in the studio. Outside of the studio, she also wears clothes that have a plethora of design on them, such as plaid.



  • Acro: Sloane cannot tumble, the extent of her skills be a cartwheel.[22]
  • Contemporary: Contemporary is not Sloane's strongest style. However, Noah and Piper teach her some contemporary while she teaches them how to tut.[11]
  • Hip-hop: Sloane's dominant style is hip-hop.


  • French: Sloane is of French descent and is fluent in French.[23][24]


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Group dances



  • During her time on A-Troupe, Sloane is said to be the most likely to be late to rehearsal.[25]


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