West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Season 4

So you went all the way to Internationals and you didn't even get to dance?

— to Michelle, "One More Time"

I know, me too, but we gotta try our best. We need to focus, okay?

— to LaTroy , "Stir It Up"

I'm so nervous, I can't think straight. But, I don't want people to think I'm not ready for this.

— "Welcome to the Jungle"

My biggest fear is that I'm a hip-hop dancer and I'll never be able to do the contemporary dances as well as you guys.

— to Cassie, Amy, Piper, "Welcome to the Jungle"

I can't believe what just happened. I put myself out there, I put my whole heart into this team, and Riley took it away from me just like that.

— "Square One"

It was my worst fear come true. I wasn't good enough and everyone saw it.

— "London Calling"

I don't wanna give up.

— "London Calling"

To all my villagers, I wanted to gather you all here today to say 'thank you'. Because of your effort, we've won the war!

— pretending to be the captain from The Horses of Davenport, "Dancing with Myself"

I kinda feel bad talking about Riley like this right now.

— to Skylar, "On the Rocks"

LaTroy wasn't going to meet a girl. I know who this is really about.

— "Knowing Me, Knowing You"

She bailed on you, didn't she? [...] And she keeps doing it to you, doesn't she? [...] And she's been doing it to you since you were five years old.

— to LaTroy , "Knowing Me, Knowing You"

I'm kinda surprised that Amy got LaTroy a gift. Does she like him or something?

— "I Can't Go for That"

With who?

— to LaTroy, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

Nothing. I just don't need to know every single detail about your personal life. That's it.

— to LaTroy, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

It's not that crazy. I do like you.

— to LaTroy, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

I feel like I just lost two friends.

Talking Heads, "I Only Have Eyes for You"

I can try [to run away from you for the rest of my life].

— to LaTroy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

I already know how the conversation's gonna go. You're going to tell me that you only like me as a friend, that we've been best friends our whole lives, and that dating will only ruin things. We're gonna stop hanging out, we'll drift apart, and we won't even be best friends anymore, we'll be like strangers. I'd rather not go there.

— to LaTroy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

He never really cared about the other girls. But, the way he looks at you? It's different. You matter.

— to Amy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Ugh, shut up.

— to Amy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

It feels great while we're dancing, but the second the music stops, I look over at Amy and everything comes rushing back.

— "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

Even though nothing was solved today, it was good to know that you guys recognize when I'm down and wanted to help me feel better.

— to Amy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

I love you.

— to Amy , "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

What do you mean spend some time? How much time? [...] Well, what about A-Troupe? What about Amy? And what about me?

— to LaTroy, "How Deep Is Your Love"

No, I'm not gonna calm down. You're throwing away a huge opportunity to make the same old mistake all over again! He's just using you, how do you not see it? Your dad always disappoints you. And you keep falling for it all over again. Every single time.

— to LaTroy, "How Deep Is Your Love"

I'm done. I can't watch LaTroy get hurt again. It hurts me too much.

— "How Deep Is Your Love"

[I'm going] out of your life! And you know what? When everything falls apart, don't call me. I'm not gonna be there to help you pick up the pieces this time.

— to LaTroy, "How Deep Is Your Love"

Don't go.

— to LaTroy, "How Deep Is Your Love"

Hey, guys. What were you guys talking about?

— to Amy, Cassie, and Piper, "Kiss and Tell"

This is exactly why I can't be friends with Amy. Amy plus me, divided by LaTroy equals constant heartache.

— "Kiss and Tell"

Only you would think [cleaning mirrors]'s fun.

— to Amy, "Kiss and Tell"

What does [having cotton candy air freshener]] say [about a person].

— to Amy, "Kiss and Tell"

Yeah, you're pretty irresistible. [...] I'd like [to hang out with you] too.

— to Amy, "Kiss and Tell"

Nope... I wanna grab two juices.

— to Amy, "Kiss and Tell"

It's always important to speak up. Save your messages if it's a cyberbully.

— "Come Together"

It's obvious that Riley is not feeling confident right now, and if Riley is not feeling confident, then how can I?

— "Even Better Than the Real Thing"