Sloane has a series of relationships.



While a member of The Zero Percent Club, Amy becomes one of Sloane's closest friends and confidants. Therefore, Sloane feels immensely betrayed when Amy begins dating LaTroy, whom she has a crush on, and no longer considers her to be a friend.[1]

Nonetheless, Sloane misses spending time with Amy and admits that she still loves her.[2] Eventually, Sloane eventually makes amends with Amy.[3] Although, the state of their relationship since LaTroy broke up with Amy to be with her is unknown.

Love interests


LaTroy has been Sloane's best friends for as long as she can remember. Though, Sloane comes to realize that her feelings for LaTroy are romantic rather than platonic, confessing that she isn't quite sure when she developed feelings for LaTroy.[1] The fact that LaTroy likes and pursues Amy rather than her drives Sloane away from LaTroy until they are no longer friends. Sloane rejects LaTroy's attempts at resuming their friendship, once refusing to speak to him by saying:
"I already know how the conversation's gonna go. You're going to tell me that you only like me as a friend, that we've been best friends our whole lives, and that dating will only ruin things. We're gonna stop hanging out, we'll drift apart, and we won't even be best friends anymore, we'll be like strangers. I'd rather not go there."
―Sloane to LaTroy[src]

Sloane eventually comes to realize how much she misses LaTroy and decides to rekindle their friendship.[4] Sloane still has romantic feelings for LaTroy, but cherishes his presence so much that she decides to put them aside for the sake of their friendship. Sloane is enthused when LaTroy eventually admits to her that he loves her[5] and breaks up with Amy to be with her.[6]

LaTroy is now Sloane's boyfriend.

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