Sometimes in order to do the right thing… you have to do a bad thing.


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"Snap Decision" is the 19th episode of Season 5 of The Next Step and the 153rd episode overall. It aired on December 6, 2017.


"Lola strives to stop Richelle from making a huge mistake. Noah and Jacquie struggle in their new roles on A-Troupe. Ozzy missteps when the team is counting on him most."[1]


Having to shoot their video soon, A-Troupe practices fervently in Studio A. Zara is still upset about losing her solo to Richelle, but Richelle believes that she needs it more in light of losing her captaincy. Michelle is confident about the capabilities of the team to create a video without their help, but Emily is secretly wary. Noah struggles to choreograph a contemporary section so, upon Henry's suggestion, he tasks an honoured Jacquie with creating it. As Richelle breaks in her pointe shoes, her hip acts up, but she banks on the fact that her doctor said there is a 50% chance of her hip not getting worse, discomforting Lola.

Lola contemplates in the locker room about whether or not she should reveal Richelle's injury. Heather enters and asks Lola if she has picked up her costumes, but immediately notes something wrong with Lola. Seeing Heather as the team's most level-headed person, Lola tells her about the predicament without using Richelle's name. Heather implores Lola to do the right thing, which is to tell Michelle and Emily. After Lola leaves to think it over some more, Heather wrongfully deduces that Lola is the one who is injured and runs off to tell Michelle.

Ozzy phones his uncle Tony to ensure that his theatre is ready for their video shoot, which he believes is Sunday. Kingston, overhearing the end of the conversation, reminds Ozzy that the shoot is on Saturday and that video submission has to be done by Sunday. Ozzy pretends that he was aware of this, but realizes that he made a huge mistake. Ozzy calls his uncle back to change the date, but discovers that a wedding will be held at his theatre on the Saturday. Emily notices Ozzy's fretfulness from Studio A's office, but Ozzy plays it off despite not having a venue for their shoot. Richelle retreats to the locker room and opens her locker to find a bouquet of flowers with a note attached indicating that it is from Elliot. Richelle confesses that she has always admired him and that she supposes he felt the same way.

Jacquie continues to work through her choreography with Heather, Josh, and Piper. Noah enters the studio as they run through the dance and notices that it is a hip-hop routine, despite asking for a contemporary one. Despite Jacquie's enthusiasm, Noah is frustrated about the ignored request, but does not know how to tell her since he is her boyfriend.

Lola enters Studio A's office to see Michelle per her request. Michelle reveals to Lola that Heather told her that she is injured and pulls her from the qualifier video. Lola tries to explain herself, cannot do so effectively, as she still refuses to rat out Richelle.

Lola finds Richelle in the locker room and reveals that she needs to fess up, as she has been presumed the one injured. Richelle suggests that Lola just get a doctor's note proving her wellness, shocking Lola especially since she would never ask such a thing of Richelle.

With no venue for the team, Ozzy mopes in Neutral Grounds. After Kingston inquires about his sullen state, Ozzy eventually reveals the predicament. Kingston becomes angry with Ozzy, in disbelief that they have nowhere to shoot the video. Nonetheless, Kingston is willing to help Ozzy rectify the situation as his best friend.

Noah politely confronts Jacquie about her choreography, although Jacquie responds defensively, believing that she was in the right because hip-hop works better with the song. As the confrontation continues, Josh, Heather, and Piper return from their break. Jacquie bitterly allows Noah to teach them new choreography. Throughout the tutelage, Jacquie repeatedly interjects with orders for hip-hop moves, causing Noah to eventually angrily order her to stop. In accordance with Heather's suggestion of a break, the two tensely part ways.

Lola gives Michelle a doctor's note, proving that she is uninjured, as Richelle silently spectates. Michelle inquires further about the situation, but Lola still refuses to reveal Richelle's injury. Richelle beckons Lola when she leaves the office and inquires about the conversation. Lola reveals that she spent the whole day getting a doctor's note, thus infringing upon her rehearsal time, but Richelle is merely fixated upon the fact that she is still able to dance and that her injury has not been made known. Fed up with Richelle's selfishness, Lola tells her that she is no longer her friend if she insists upon dancing.

Kingston is able to find another venue to shoot the video at, relieving both himself and Ozzy. Although, Kingston admits that the venue is exceptionally run down to the point that he believes it be haunted, but Ozzy is enamoured by this proposed aesthetic.

Jacquie freestyles in Studio 1 to release her emotions. She remains embarrassed about the day's events and furthermore hurt at Noah's lack of an apology. When Noah enters, Jacquie almost immediately leaves, feeling no inclination to speak to him ever again. Conflicted about the situation, Noah dances and hopes that the entire scenario can blow over. Noah realizes that he should have never mixed his personal life with his dance life by asking Jacquie to choreograph.

Unable to get through to Richelle or reveal the truth to Michelle or Emily, but knowing that Richelle cannot dance with her hip injury, Lola enters the locker room, retrieves one of Richelle's pointe shoes from her locker and breaks its shank.


  • Lola has broken the shank of one of Richelle's pointe shoes.



  • Richelle's pointe shoes are cream in "Richelle on Pointe." However, they are purple in this episode.

Cultural references

  • This episode's title refers to a song of the same name by New Bomb Turks.




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