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Songs from The Next Step: Season 2 is a soundtrack featuring songs from Season 2 of The Next Step.

Despite this soundtrack mostly consisting of songs initially heard in Season 2, "Stop and Think," "You Are the One," are initially heard in Season 1,


  1. "Smile at the End of the World"
  2. "Hero"
  3. "Rewind"
  4. "Plastic Love"
  5. "Hurricane"
  6. "Oxygen"
  7. "When the War Is Over"
  8. "Let's Do This"
  9. "Hanging Hats"
  10. "Heartbreaker"
  11. "Can't Let Go"
  12. "Play the Game"
  13. "Stop and Think"
  14. "Let's Get Lost"
  15. "Never Get Lost"
  16. "All I Can Do"
  17. "Tied to You"
  18. "You Are the One"
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