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"Square Dance" is the 17th episode in Season 3 of The Next Step and the 81st episode overall. It aired on September 11, 2015.


Riley and Ella trick the team into learning how to square dance.


Eldon giselle season 3 sd

Giselle reacts to Eldon sniffing her armpit.

A-Troupe is warming up in Studio A. Thalia, not being able to talk to Eldon tries to mime her words to him from across the room, but naturally, he doesn't understand and ends up sniffing Giselle's armpit. The mail carrier arrives then with a letter from the Absolute Dance Internationals board. The newly excited team tries to guess what is in the envelope and end up bickering, eventually. Ella sneaks away and a curious Riley follows her; Ella enlists her to help her prank the team as she believes that they are too up-tight. Riley hesitantly agrees and the two leave for Hidalgo's.

At Hidalgo's, Riley unseals the envelope, only to find that it merely contains information about hotel accommodations. Ella concocts the idea that they plant a fake letter instructing the team to construct a nonsensical dance — square dancing — in the envelope and re-seal it. Riley decides to go along with it, and although unsure, believes that it can't really do that much harm. Ella composes the fake letter on her laptop, then she and Riley return the re-sealed envelope to Kate's office.

Meanwhile, Noah is watching Eldon perform some tricks in the Music Room. When Noah comments on his astounding calibre, Eldon instantly patronizes him, making Noah feel inadequate. After Eldon leaves, Noah resorts to perfecting his tricks, as he realizes that he needs to works that much harder than the other members of the troupe.

Kate reads the letter, uncovering the faux news that Ella and Riley planted: they need to create a square dance. James asks Riley to be his partner, unaware that the letter is fake, and Riley accepts. Seeing how stressed out the fake factor makes the team, Riley feels instantly worried, but Ella urges her to relax.

Skylar season 3 sd

Skylar does her homework in Hidalgo's.

Skylar is in Hidalgo's waiting, as she usually does, for Cierra to arrive so that they can go home. Cierra enters Hidalgo's, relieving Skylar, as she believes that their mom can finally pick them up, but she is disappointed and confused when Cierra tells her that she has to stay longer to learn how to square dance for Internationals.

Riley's guilt is hardly receding, especially at the sight of A-Troupe's over-growing stress over the fake dance that was supposed to be fun. Riley expresses her concern to Ella, who merely tells her to just have fun with it.

Noah is still in the Music Room, trying to perfect his tricks when Richelle enters. Upon question, Noah tells her what he is doing. Richelle admires his work ethic, but notifies him that A-Troupe is working on a square dance in Studio A for Internationals and tells him that he should probably be there. Noah is offended that nobody notified him and decides that he will continue practising instead.

A-Troupe is struggling with square dancing, and a guilty Riley pulls James aside and tells him about the prank. To her surprise, James is furious and does not find the prank humorous at all. He storms out of the room, claiming that he needs to go to band practice. Moments later, Kate calls Riley and Ella into her office, aware of their prank. Shockingly, she actually finds the prank funny and enlists the two to get costumes for the dancers for authenticity. This makes Riley believe that James truly was overreacting.

Square dance

A-troupe square dances.

A-Troupe is finally performing their completed square dance, all except Riley who is sitting out because her partner, James bailed on her. Meanwhile, Noah has finally perfected the 5-40 Straight Leg and is excited to show James when he enters the Music Room. James, still angry, refuses and orders Noah to get out, making Noah feel even worse. James confesses that Riley has changed and is no longer like the girl he fell in love with.

Ella, seeing that Riley is alone, makes Stephanie pretend to be tired so that she can dance with Riley. Riley appreciates that Ella is there for her. Noah enters Studio A only to see A-Troupe, costumes and all, happily performing their square dance. He instantly regrets not joining them and feels as if he'll never fit in with the team. The dancers admit that, after all of the stress, square dancing is actually fun. Riley confesses that she is having more fun with Ella than she ever has had with James and comments that she is scared as to what this could mean.


  • Square dancing is one of Max's favourite hobbies; he goes to the square dancing hub with his mom every Saturday.
  • Ella's laptop has a Union Flag skin.





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