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"Square One" is the 5th episode in Season 4 of The Next Step and the 99th episode overall. It aired on March 11, 2016.


Riley holds auditions for the trio qualifier. Sloane struggles with her lack of technical skill, and Michelle and Amanda are discouraged by Richelle's expertise.


Riley tells Kate that she has decided to have Amanda take her spot on A-Troupe. Kate disagrees with the decision wholeheartedly, but admires Riley's decisiveness nonetheless. The two hug and Kate leaves to cut some keys for Riley. Riley sits in the chair in her new office and confesses that she is ready.

Amanda season 4 2

Amanda awkwardly greets the dancers.

Riley enters Studio A to tell the troupe that she is the new studio head, which she is both scared and excited to do. When Riley tells the dancers, she is met with happy applause. Richelle asks if they have to call her "Miss Riley" now and Riley assures the dancers that just her name is fine. Michelle asks Riley if her promotion means that there is an empty spot on A-Troupe to which Riley concurs. She reveals the final dancer to be Amanda. As Amanda enters the studio on cue, she is met with minimal applause and accusatory statements from Skylar. After only Noah and Michelle (and Richelle, albeit briefly) welcome her, Amanda realizes that she'll have to prove herself all over again.

In the Lounge, Amanda talks to Riley about the cold welcome that she received and tells her that she can audition to prove herself, to which Riley declines. Riley tells Amanda about a Regionals qualifier that she just found out about; since only 8 teams are allowed at Regionals this year, there are four preliminary qualifying rounds to determine the teams, with the first being a trio competition. Riley tells Amanda to keep the competition a secret, but Amanda already has an idea brewing. Amanda tells Michelle about the trio competition and asks her to be in a trio with her. Michelle lies that she already is in a trio with Noah and Cassie, but in reality, Michelle doesn't want to be an alternate again and therefore wants to be with the best dancers, of which she does not deem Amanda to be.

Noah amanda michelle season 4

Amanda is left in disbelief after hearing Michelle ask Noah to be in a trio with her.

In Studio A, Michelle asks Noah to be in a trio with her, which Amanda overhears. Amanda is immediately angry that Michelle lied to her. Noah, uncomfortable with the situation, does an aerial to get away. Amanda demands the truth, although Michelle does not answer. The rest of A-Troupe hears about the trio competition from their bickering and begin talking among themselves about it and creating their own groups. Riley enters the studio soon after and tells the dancers that she has some news, causing Cassie to ask if it about the trio competition. Although confused, Riley tells them that she will be making the groups despite Richelle's rebuke. The groups that she picks are: Amy, Cassie, and Alfie; Richelle, Michelle, and Amanda; Noah, Piper, and Sloane; and LaTroy, Henry, and Skylar. Riley confesses that her method for picking was grouping together the people who were sitting closest to one another.

Michelle, Richelle, and Amanda have been stretching in silence for 20 minutes. Michelle wishes to clear the air and asks Richelle to leave. After her departure, Michelle reveals to Amanda the truth, tells her that she lied because she didn't want to hurt her feelings, and apologizes. The two hug and make up. Meanwhile, Sloane approaches LaTroy in Java Junction and tells him that she is contemplating bailing her trio because she is a hip-hop dancer and cannot do the technical moves that Piper and Noah specialize in. LaTroy tells Sloane that they have to get used to the new dancers and styles, and assures her that she can do it. Arms around each other, Sloane and LaTroy leave to practice their trios.

Latroy sloane season 4 2

LaTroy and Sloane leave Java Junction together.

Noah and Piper are suggesting moves for the trio, all of which Sloane turns down because she cannot do them. Piper pulls Sloane aside and asks her what is wrong, to which Sloane tells her that she cannot do what they do. Piper assures her that she is constantly going to improve. She calls Noah over and asks him how many times he fell on his face before being able to execute his previous move, and Noah reveals that he fell several times. Surely enough, Piper almost capsizes when she attempts it. Sloane tries to do it and fails, but realizes that with some practice she could get it. Piper suggests that they do some tutting in their routine, although herself and Noah don't know how to do it. Sloane teaches them how to do it, now feeling more confident.

The trio auditions commence with Cassie, Alfie, and Amy auditioning first. The premise of their routine is that Alfie is a handsome prince, Amy is a peasant, and Cassie is the fairy godmother who brings them together. Michelle and Amanda realize how bland their routine is in comparison to theirs.

Amanda and Michelle are concerned about their trio because it doesn't have a story-line. Richelle shows them a few acro tricks that she can put in, and although the trio is becoming a showcase for Richelle, the two agree because they don't have a choice.

Sloane, Piper, and Noah perform their trio. The premise is that Sloane is Mother Time, and Piper and Noah are little kids who fall in love as time lapses. LaTroy believes Sloane to be technically proficient, Piper believes that they are a great team, and Noah is so shocked by his proficiency in tutting that he proclaims he must have been a Pharaoh in a past life. Skylar, LaTroy, and Henry audition next. Finally, Amanda, Richelle, and Michelle perform. Although the dance is going well, Michelle confesses that she is discouraged because Richelle is new and is already a better dancer than herself and Amanda. Riley leaves to look over everything and create a verdict.

Riley returns and announces that the three dancers are Noah, Piper - and Richelle. Sloane is offended, believing that she must have danced badly if she was taken off of her own trio. Sloane leaves the studio in disbelief that she put so much heart into her group and Riley took it away from her.



Production Errors

  • In the "Previously on The Next Step" segment, Sloane says "I'm Sloane and I'm on A-Troupe", something she has never said in previous episodes.

Cultural References

  • The title of this episode refers to a song of the same name by Coldplay.





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