"Stand Together or Fall Apart" is the 14th episode in Season 5 of The Next Step and the 148th episode overall. It aired on November 3, 2017.


"Piper and Amy rally the troupes. Jacquie gets an enticing offer from a familiar enemy . Josh finds out his time at the studio may be over."[1]


Noah dances in Studio A, still in disbelief at Kate's decision to disallow either team from competing at Regionals as well as the fact that the teams cannot speak to each other. As he dances, Piper and Amy enter the studio, eager to explain their idea of the merging TNS West and TNS East. They are both sure that if Noah agrees to join the merge, others will too. Noah summarizes their explained plan as going behind Michelle and Emily's back to choreograph a secret dance that has a slim chance of changing Miss Kate's mind and, if it fails, will get everyone kicked out of The Next Step forever. Amy and Piper stare worriedly at Noah, realizing the possible ramifications of their plan. Noah nonetheless agrees to go along with the plan and the three embrace.

Amy and Piper, and Noah simultaneously attempt to recruit dancers. As Piper and Amy approach Heather in Neutral Grounds, Noah approaches Jacquie in the locker room. While all of the subsequent dancers approached are receptive to the merge, Jacquie is wary of the idea since the teams don't get along.

Josh dances in Studio 1, excited about the possible merge. To Josh's shock, Adam enters the studio and tells Josh that he made it onto the Springfield Coyotes. Josh is initially elated for him, until he realizes that the entire family will have to move up north to support Adam's hockey endeavours. Josh is frustrated that he will have to leave the studio just after arriving. Meanwhile, in Studio A, Lola teaches Kingston about partnering in ballroom dance. Kingston struggles immensely and grows frustrated. Believing that Lola is only showing him how bad he is and that he is the studio's worst dancer, Kingston leaves.

Jacquie meets Skylar outside of the studio, having received a text from her. Having taken notice of Jacquie's talent at the auditions for A-Troupe, Skylar reveals that a girl on her team broke her leg, leaving an open spot on her new team, Gemini, for which she is also dance captain. Skylar also offers Jacquie a featured solo at Regionals if she joins. Jacquie is intrigued by the idea, especially since Gemini automatically gets to go to Regionals due to winning Internationals the previous year. Jacquie contemplates whether or not she should take the offer.

Skylar tells Jacquie to tell her what she has decided at the day's end. Just then, Noah arrives and inquires about their conversation. Although Jacquie wants to keep the offer a secret, Skylar reveals the news to him and leaves. Noah confronts Jacquie about her wish to leave, but Jacquie decides that it is her best shot at Regionals even though she remains unsure of what to do.

With a helmet on, Lola struggles to ride her new hoverboard in Studio A, which Kingston notices. He lifts her off of the hoverboard and Lola explains that she isn't good at hoverboarding, just like he isn't good at ballroom dancing, upsetting him. Although, Lola further explains that practice makes perfect; if she practices hoverboarding then she could be as good as him and if he practices ballroom dancing then he could improve. Kingston realizes that Lola is right and resumes practicing partnering with her.

Heather overhears Adam and Josh talking about moving and sympathizes with the latter. Heather, having a brother away in his fourth year of university, offers Josh his room. Josh becomes hopeful that he might be able to stay at the studio.

Amy and Piper talk to Danielle and Tyler about the plan, but both refuse to go along with it because of how hard they have worked to be on A-Troupe. Overhearing this, Jacquie becomes sure that the merge will not happen. Amy and Piper fail to dissuade Jacquie from joining Gemini and are left with Jacquie's team sweater. Amy and Piper confess that they need Jacquie.

Kingston and Lola dance and hoverboard together, both feeling feeling ready for the upcoming merge.

Josh tells Heather that his parents rejected the idea of him staying with Heather, but reasserts that he will be staying until he is forced to leave. Both dancers are hopeful about the proposed merge. The end of the day has come and Jacquie awaits Skylar in Studio A. Skylar enters, admitting that she feels only pity for the dancers still at the studio as opposed to nostalgia, and that leaving was the best decision she could have made. As she awaits Jacquie's decision, Amy, Piper, Josh, Richelle, Ozzy, Noah, Zara, Henry, Kingston, Lola and Heather enter the studio, the merge officially set in motion. Seeing this, Jacquie decides that she will stay at the studio and Skylar angrily departs.

Amy meets her mother in Neutral Grounds, where she sits with a cupcake. Upon Amy's inquiry about the dessert, Gale professes that they are celebrating because she managed to get Amy an audition at Gemini with a featured solo if she is to make it. Amy claims that she is happy at The Next Step, but Gale dismisses this notion and forces her to eat the cupcake. Amy confesses she has no idea what she is going to do.



  • Skylar pushes Josh out of her way in the same manner as she does in "The New Regime."


  • Noah claims that if their plan to merge TNS East and TNS West doesn't work, the dancers will be kicked out of The Next Step Dance Studio, although there is no reason this conclusion should have been drawn.
  • Skylar and Jacquie have never exchanged phone numbers, so it is curious that they have each other's numbers.
  • Since Gemini Dance Studio has won Internationals, they automatically qualify for Regionals. Although, The Next Step Dance Studio does not have this luxury after their Internationals win. It is possible, however, that this is a new rule.





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