Riley: Where do you want me?
Emily: The beach.
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"Steal My Sunshine" is the 5th episode in Season 1 of The Next Step and the 5th episode overall. It first aired on March 15, 2013.


Some of the dancers go to the beach while Emily and the E-Girls run the studio’s Dance Camp.


Tiffany emily riley season 1

Emily orders Riley to go to the beach.

A-Troupe works on the beginning stages of their Regionals routine in Studio A. During their break, Kate and Chris reveal that since they have dance camp at the studio the following day, the dancers will get the day off. Most of the dancers decide to go to the beach, although the E-Girls decide to help out with dance camp, per tradition. When Riley asks Emily where she should go, Emily rudely orders her to the beach, making Riley realize that she truly is no longer an E-Girl.

Michelle, Riley, Eldon, West, Daniel, and James arrive at the beach, excited for their day off to unfold.

Michelle riley season 1 sms

Riley comments that the E-Girls aren't that bad.

At the studio, the E-Girls welcome the young dance camp attendees (as E-Girl rule #6 is that an E-Girl always lends a hand at the studio). While most of the E-Girls are thrilled to be helping, Chloe is not, due to her fear of children. At the beach, Michelle compliments Riley on her necklace, which is actually, given to her by their late grandmother along with a watch for Riley. James asks Riley about the E-Girls' drama, leading Riley to defend them, making her peers laugh. Michelle ultimately suggests that they play Frisbee.

Chloe is amazed by Emily's ease with the kids. After playing, Emily suggests that somebody sings a song. She picks her favourite attendee, Margie, whom she instructs to stand and sing a song about fairies, to which Margie complies.

Back at the beach, Michelle suggests they play Dance Frisbee, in which you do a dance move when you throw or catch the Frisbee. It proves to be a fun activity although James isn't very good at it, as he has been hit in the face with the Frisbee twice. As Riley catches the Frisbee, Riley suddenly realizes her necklace has gone missing. Everybody desperately searches for it. James assures Riley that they will find it.

Chloe season 1 sms

Chloe fearfully supervises the dancers.

At the studio, nap time is approaching. As the young attendees prepare to sleep on the mats, Emily notices that one of the dancers needs a washroom break. She asks Chloe to take her to the washroom, which mortifies her. At the beach, the group is still trying to locate the necklace, even going as far as searching in the gross bushes.

While handing out snacks, Emily realizes that Margie has gone missing. Frantic, the E-Girls split up to find her, with Emily delegating Chloe to watch the children, much to her displeasure. Simultaneously, the dancers at the beach have seemed to hit a snag when James gets an idea: use a metal detector to find the necklace. Unfortunately, the man who owns the metal detector had just found gold and tells them that they cannot use it unless they somehow conjure up $100.

Michelle james season 1 sms

Michelle comments that they are going to do what they do best.

Thanks to James's wallet, the group musters up $15.05, leaving $84.95 to be earned. Michelle comes up with an undisclosed idea, with the cryptic message that they will "do what [they] do best", leaving James confused as to how they can get $84.95 by starting drama.

Chloe is still unhappily alone with the children. Suddenly, Margie pops up from behind a crate and explains that she was hiding for fun. Chloe asks what usually takes place during snack time, and Margie lies that Chloe is supposed to dance for them. Chloe asserts that she may dance for the youngsters if they are quiet, don't move around, and don't touch her with their dirty hands. Just then, Margie raises her hand, as if she were in class at school, and says "Excuse me, Chloe. I have a spill!" Chloe is unable to find a napkin to deal with the mishap, and so awkwardly cleans up Margie with the only thing she has to hand: a sandwich!

At the beach, the group decides to dance to make up the rest of the money that they need. They are relieved to see that people, even the metal detector guy, are dropping money into the hat they are using to collect the money.

Chloe season 1 sms 3

Chloe assures Emily that she is traumatized.

As Chloe is dancing with the children, Emily, Stephanie, and Tiffany finally return, relieved that Margie was found. Emily makes Margie "pinky swear" not to do such a thing again and congratulates Chloe, who claims she is traumatized. At the beach, having earned enough money, the group provides the guy with the metal detector the $100. With the help of the metal detector and, after having discovered various objects buried in the sand or otherwise metal objects (namely a bottle cap, a nickel and a pair of glasses, as well as — for reasons unexplained! — a child's head), the group finally finds the necklace.

The next day, all of A-Troupe is in Studio A. Some of the members who went to the beach comment that they feel closer to Michelle. James comments that the necklace Emily is wearing is nice, setting Riley on edge as it is the same necklace she had lost the previous day and Emily doesn't know Riley lost it. Trying to break the ice, Michelle asks Emily how Dance Camp was, and Emily retorts that it was amazing as something productive was finally being done at the studio. Emily confesses that she is wary of Michelle, as she seems to have an agenda that she will eventually figure out.


  • E-Girl rule #6 is: an E-Girl always lends a hand at the studio.
  • At least one of Emily and Riley's grandmothers is deceased.
  • Chloe has pedophobia, a fear of children.

Production Errors

  • After Chloe says that she does not have a napkin to clean up Margie's spill, a napkin can be seen on the bench next to the bowl of popcorn.

Cultural References

  • The title refers to a song of the same name by Len.




  • Francesca van Keeken as Margie


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