West Thalia season 3 episode 18
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Emily: That was really, really, really good! For B-Troupe.
Michelle: I thought we were on A-Troupe.
Emily: Your dancing was B-Troupe material.

Michelle: I've never been to to the beach.
James: Yo, let's go to the beach.

Riley: Where do you want me?
Emily: The beach.

I'm not an E-Girl anymore and I never will be again.


West: I can't wait to start fishing.
James: Man, you can't actually fish with that.
West: Uh, of course you can. What do you-'kay, what do you call a pole with a rod and a hook?
James: A three-year-old's toy.

Uh, you know what guys? Maybe-maybe the fish are sleeping.

West , to Daniel, Riley, James, Eldon, and Michelle

I love working with kids. I love seeing their faces light up when they get a move, I love their energy... it's something I really enjoy.


Riley: I know they're dramatic at times, but they're not that bad.
James: They're brutal! You know they are!

The E-Girls are like when you get a new pair of boots and you walk in the rain and you realize there's a hole in them and then your socks are all wet.


West: Guess how many grains of sand are in my hand right now?
Daniel: I don't know, a million?
West: Guess.
James: I have no idea.
West: Five thousand on average.

West: Guess the melting point of sand.
Daniel: I don't know, what?
James: Sand can melt?
West: Yeah. It's one thousand four hundred and twenty-seven degrees celsius.

If West didn't know a lot about sand... that would probably surprise me more.


I don't wanna take that little girl to the washroom because... ew, I don't even wanna talk about it, it's grossing me out.


You know, we just asked you for a metal detector, but no, you gotta charge us a hundred bucks. Selfish.


We're gonna do what we do best.


When Michelle says 'do what we do best,' I'm kinda confused. What, are we gonna start drama to get the metal detector?


She means: do what we do best. I mean, I don't know what that's really supposed to mean, but I know that when we do it, it's gonna be great. Maybe even the best.


Maybe I'll dance if you guys stay quiet and don't move around and... don't put your dirty hands all over me.

Chloe , to the Dance Camp attendees

You're using a sandwich to dry me.

Margie , to Chloe

That was the most frightening moment of my life. I'm traumatized.

Chloe, to Emily

[Dance Camp was] amazing. You know, it was really nice doing something productive for the studio.

Emily , to Michelle