Stockholm Dansteater  (translated from Swedish to English as Stockholm Dance Theatre) is a dance studio situated in Stockholm, Sweden. They are one of the teams that competes at the 17th annual Absolute Dance Internationals competition.


Stockholm Dansteater is an exceptional team, as stated by Amanda[2], and as seen by their countless victories at Absolute Dance Internationals. They have been to the worldwide competition at least four times, as their male soloist, Kyle, has won the title of Mister Internationals Soloist four times as of "When the War is Over" (giving them a five point advantage at the 17th annual competition). Amanda believes that they are impossible to beat and that the members of The Next Step wouldn't even be in B-Troupe at their studio.[2]

Despite their expertise, they are a very excitable and friendly team. Amanda has said that the team is like a family even outside of the studio, greatly mirroring The Next Step.[2] Their kindness is seen further when the team happily claps after The Next Step's performance in the finals.[3]

After a hot-streak at the 17th annual competition, the studio loses in the tie-breaking round after the finals to The Next Step Dance Studio.[3]


The team's uniform consists of royal blue. Their team name is written on the back of their jackets, vertically. The female dancers wear the uniform with black leggings and the male dancers wear blue shorts.


Known members




  • Amanda was a temporary member of the studio for the exchange program.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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