Studio 1 is a studio in The Next Step Dance Studio. Studio 1 was formerly used by AcroNation.


Wanting to make some changes after A-Troupe's loss at Absolute Dance Regionals, Kate decides to renovate the studio's east wing and create an entirely new studio.[1] This studio is meant to replace A-Troupe as the central location of A-Troupe's rehearsals.

Studio 1 is solely used by the members and faculty of TNS East with minor exceptions until the merge between TNS East and West upon which it becomes open to all. [2] In Season 6, after being reinstated as co-studio heads, Emily and Michelle decide to rent out Studio 1 to get some extra revenue for The Next Step.[3] Studio 1 is rented out to AcroNation, a formerly non-competitive team, until they become direct rivals for Regionals and are no longer allowed to rent the studio.[4]


Studio 1 is much dimmer than Studio A and is located in the east wing of The Next Step Dance Studio.[5]

The studio has clean grey floors with white ballet barres upon them. The general colour scheme of the room is light blue and pink. Images of ballerinas are seen atop the entrance to the studio's office. A small mirror is in the studio.


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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