An office sits at the front of Studio 1.

The office is where Emily does administrative work, has meetings with Daniel, and calls her dancers when she wishes to speak to them in private.


With the creation of Studio 1, the office is also created. The office becomes Emily's once she becomes studio head. Daniel is also allowed to use it as he is head choreographer. After Season 5, the office became Thalia's as she became the Studio head of AcroNation.[1] As Thalia's head choreographer, Eldon also uses the office.[2] However, after AcroNation is no longer allowed to rent Studio 1, Thalia and Eldon are also evicted from the office.[3]


The office has a pink door and pink window frames. A mural of ballerinas upon a light pink background can be found above the windows on the office's exterior.

Inside, the office is quite small, and contains a desk and chair, along with two more chairs in front, and a sofa with three colourfully patterned pillows alongside (in front of the windows overlooking the dance floor). On the wall behind the desk are four large head-and-shoulders photos of Emily with varying colour tints. The colours in the office are mostly livid blue and grey.


Season 5

Season 6


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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