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Studio A is the main studio used by The Next Step Dance Studio.


Until the creation of Studio 1, Studio A is the main space that A-Troupe dances in.

While mostly used for dancing, the studio has also been used for recreational activities, such as parties and dates.


Studio A is a spacious dance facility located above a juice bar. The studio is mostly wooden, with exposed brickwork walls, and brightly lit with some light emanating from a chandelier on the ceiling above the dance floor. The studio also has stained-glass mosaic windows that overlook the dance floor, flanked by ballet barres on either side. Remnants of the studio's time as a factory can be seen around the room.

At the front of the studio is an office, near cubbies where the dancers keep their personal belongings. A display cabinet containing trophies from The Next Step's past achievements stands in the left-hand vestibule of the studio.


  • Initially, bushes can be seen through the coloured windows, implying that Studio A is in fact on the ground floor. Although, from Season 3, buildings can be seen through the window, implying Studio A is above the ground floor.
  • At one point, a poster bearing the name Giselle can be seen in the passage on the way to the office, but this would appear to refer to a production of the romantic ballet of that name and not Jordan Clark's character on the show.[1] (This raises the question as to whether Giselle's parents named their daughter after the eponymous character in the aforementioned ballet, but this is perhaps best left to personal preference.)


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13.png "Look at that painting!"

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