An office is incorporated into Studio A. Its ownership has switched between Kate, Riley and, now, Michelle and Emily.

The office is where the studio head deals with the dance studio's administrative paperwork, where members of The Next Step go when they need to confide in her about problems they may be experiencing, and where she calls members when she wishes to talk to them in private.


Kate shares the office area with Chris and, later, Phoebe. Lucien briefly shares Kate's office space and uses half of her desk.

When, Riley becomes studio head she gains control of the office in Kate's absence. After she steps down from the role and Kate returns, she regains the office. Although, Michelle comes to use it when she becomes studio head of TNS West and allows West to use it as well.


The office has windows overlooking the dance floor, the passage behind and the large vestibules on both sides (providing a 360° view of what is going on outside), as well as having a door on each side of the room which opens onto one of the vestibules.

Several trophies from The Next Step's past achievements are displayed in a cabinet in the left-hand vestibule (looking from the direction of the dance floor), which Kate is shown to be putting into boxes when she, Riley, James and West are packing up the contents of the office after receiving the eviction notice.[1]

The outside of the office has a large sign reading VAT 'N' VEST above the windows looking onto the dance floor, which is flanked by two smaller signs reading Imports and Exports. These would appear to be remnants from the days when the building was a chicken processing factory.[2]


  • Kate has a framed photograph of a black and white cat on her desk, which can be seen when she talks to Eldon, Michelle and Emily in the office.[3]
  • After Phoebe has come off the phone to the yoga studio and is discussing the current situation with Kate, two new framed photographs showing a yellow Labrador Retriever can be seen on Kate's desk, while the Nationals trophy is also shown to be on display in a corner of the office.[4]
  • The Nationals trophy is displayed just inside the office until it is accidentally broken during a game of football between Ella and Riley in Studio A.[5]
  • In Season 4, a framed certificate awarded to The Next Step Dance Studio for having won Absolute Dance Internationals hangs on the office wall, while a poster advertising the Absolute Dance Internationals Official Gift & Souvenir Shop is also present. The shop itself is actually a stall in the lobby of the Adrienne Arsht Center when Kate and Giselle go to register The Next Step Dance Studio, but is only seen in the background and never in detail on-screen.[6]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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