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Studio B (sometimes referred to as B Studio[1]) is a studio within The Next Step Dance Studio where the dancers in B-Troupe used to rehearse. It is only seen in Season 1.


Studio B is usually occupied by B-Troupe. Sometimes, the space is used by A-Troupe, but only occasionally. An instance of this was when Michelle, Riley, and James produce their dance routine to overthrow Emily as Dance Captain in the space.

It is also where West originally keeps his extra socks.[1]

As of Season 2, the studio is no longer used, although the reason as to why is never revealed. Since the Music Room practically replaces Studio B in terms of its purpose, it is possible that the room could have been remodeled, but considering how spacious and alternately decorated the Music Room is in comparison to Studio B's small quarters, this is unlikely.


Studio B is a small wooden floored room. It is shown to have a series of murals on the walls, the medium being that of paint and accented currents. It is unknown who created the mural, but seeing that it looks to be of an amateur nature, it can be assumed that it was done by some of the dancers. The room is brightly lit, the light emitted from ceiling lights. An orange couch is also in the room with a colourful pillow on it. As Daniel comments while trying to avoid the helicopter lift with Giselle, the ceilings are vastly lower than they are Studio A.[2]


Kathy Riley season 3 episode 13 "Look at that painting!"

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