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Summer may think that she worked hard to get onto A-Troupe, but she really just walked into the studio and got crowned queen.

Richelle, "A-Troupe Escape"

Summer is a lyrical and jazz funk dancer and the former dance captain of A-Troupe, as well as the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship.[2]

Summer is brought to The Next Step Dance Studio by probationary studio head Miss Angela,[2] and remains on A-Troupe after her departure.[3] Despite being new, she quickly finds favour with Emily and Michelle, and is selected for two featured Regionals routines[4][5] and given front and centre in the group dance, causing friction with other members of A-Troupe.[6] She is also chosen to compete for a five-point advantage at Regionals at the Absolute Dance WildStylz convention, and is devastated when she loses to Lily.[7] At Regionals, Summer is disappointed when The Next Step loses to Encore Dance Studios but overjoyed when they are asked to do a tiebreaker round against AcroNation;[8] wanting a fair fight, she is concerned when Simone seems to be struggling and offers to take her place in AcroNation's final routine. She performs well for AcroNation but is ecstatic when The Next Step wins Regionals.[9]


Before the show

Summer started dancing at the age of three.[6]

At some point, Summer worked with Miss Angela.[2]

The Off-Season: Season 2

Summer auditions for the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and dances about 'hope'.[10] She is awarded the scholarship, beating out hundreds of other dancers.[2]

Season 6

Summer is introduced to A-Troupe, alongside Kenzie, Finn and Lily. Miss Angela informs everyone that she is the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship. When A-Troupe shows Miss Angela their skills, Piper instantly recognizes her from the auditions for the scholarship. Later, Summer and Finn enter Studio 1 where the majority of A-Troupe are discussing how much they dislike Lily and Miss Angela. They reveal that they agree, and inform them that Lily is Miss Angela’s daughter. Since Piper isn’t present at the time, Summer takes it upon herself to inform her since Piper and Miss Angela are on bad terms. Summer fails to inform Piper and this causes Piper to be told off by Angela when she stands up for herself. Summer performs a solo to ‘Lost in the Middle’ saying that things have to change if she stays at the studio.[2]

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The Off-Season: Season 3

Summer welcomes the news that Amy is back on A-Troupe with enthusiasm, although inwardly wary, as she now knows of her history with Henry.[11] She is introduced to Dancemania by Finn and Kingston and, like them, becomes addicted to watching the show.[12]

Season 7

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Summer is a very positive person; when she is down, she tries to think optimistically, which she harnesses into her dancing.[10] However, despite her optimism and friendly behaviour, Summer is not a pushover; she is known for doing what is right, as shown when she tries to inform Piper that Lily is Miss Angela's daughter and tries to help keep her on A-Troupe, even though she doesn't know Piper that well.[2][13] Summer is also very kind, as shown by her sympathy towards Henry when Amy rejects his proposal.[14]

Despite her positivity, Summer's patience does have its limits, as shown when she hoped that she would not be paired with either Richelle or Jacquie for a duet because of their competitiveness.[15]She can also have a selfish side, putting herself before the team.

Summer is also shown to put other's feelings before hers, a personality trait which overall does more harm than good when appointed dance captain.

Physical Appearance


Summer has tan skin, blue eyes and brown, wavy hair.


Summer's dance attire consists of either a floral light pink tank top and darker pink leggings, or a different floral top and light purple shorts.



Summer is the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship and is considered one of the strongest dancers on A-Troupe by Emily and Michelle. She is placed front row and centre for the Regionals group dance.[2][6]

  • Acro: Summer is proficient at acro. She can perform an aerial, a back walkover and a front walkover.[10]
  • Ballet: Although Summer is initially Emily and Michelle's first choice to perform the pas de deux with Noah at Regionals, she has never danced on pointe and does not appear to be as strong at ballet as most of the other girls on A-Troupe.[16] In A-Troupe's Nutcracker dance, she and Kenzie are the only female dancers who do not dance on pointe.[17]
  • Contemporary: Summer is proficient at contemporary. She is selected to perform in the contemporary routine at Regionals.[4]
  • Hip-hop: Summer is proficient at hip-hop. She is selected to perform in the hip-hop routine at Regionals.[5]
  • Jazz-funk: In an episode, Summer is referred to as a jazz-funk dancer, but she has never performed this style on the show.[18]
  • Lyrical: Summer's dominant style is lyrical, which she is extremely proficient at. She is the only known dancer to consistently have lyrical as a dominant style.




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The Off Season: Season 2

Season 6

The Off Season: Season 3

Season 7



Group Dances

Group dances


  • Like Thalia and Eldon, Summer knows how to find sweet spots.[20]
  • Summer's mother is a scientist who specializes in water purification.[21]
  • Summer's father is a teacher.[21]
  • Summer is homeschooled.[21]
  • Summer's locker in the locker room is number 12.[20]
  • Summer takes archery classes.[5]
  • Summer is good at math.[22]
  • Summer loves horror movies.[23]
  • Summer loves horses.[23]
  • Summer reads three oracle cards every morning.[24]


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