I want you to show me the emotion 'Hope' through dance.

Stacy Carpenter to Summer

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"Summer's Audition" is the 2nd episode of The Off Season: Season 2.


"Summer dances the emotion ‘Hope’ for Stacy Carpenter as Amy, Piper, and Simone look on."[1]


Stacy Carpenter greets the dancers and informs them what they are going to be doing that day: she will give them an emotion and they are to show her what that emotion means to them through dance. She then asks them if they are ready to dance, to which they affirm. Amy confesses that the winner of the Stacy Carpenter Scholarship gets to work with Stacy for a week in L.A.. Amy also confesses that she thinks that she has a really great shot at winning. Stacy calls for 'Number 1', who is Summer. After greeting her, Stacy asks Summer to show her the emotion 'Hope' through dance. Summer agrees to do so and then dances to 'Slow Motion'. Summer confesses that when she feels down, she tries to think of something positive, which inspires her dancing. While Summer is auditioning, Amy whispers to Piper that Summer is really good, to which Piper agrees. Stacy asks Summer what dancing is to her and Summer replies that to her, dancing is telling a story and making people feel something, because to her, that is the most important part. She adds that she definitely thinks that she brings something different to the table and wants to harness that energy. After Summer finishes auditioning, the other dancers applaud and Stacy thanks her. Piper tells Summer that she did a good job and Summer thanks her. Piper also confesses that Summer is an amazing dancer and that she can't believe that she has to dance after her. She adds that she really hopes that she won't embarrass herself.




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