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"Sweet and Salty" is the 13th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 167th episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2018. It is the mid-season finale and the final episode of Season 6.0.


A five bonus point advantage for regionals hangs in the air as Summer, Amy, and Lily compete for the top soloist title.[1]


On the second day of Absolute Dance WildStylz, Michelle enters the deserted Studio A and starts dancing. She confesses that she never imagined that she would become a studio head of The Next Step Dance Studio, but it now takes up all her time - and she misses the feeling of dancing with her team every day. Suddenly, Emily enters, and she tells Michelle that because Noah is eighteen, The Next Step cannot dance in the Intermediate Advanced age division at Regionals. The whole team has to compete in the Senior Advanced Division - or Noah has to leave the team. Emily and Michelle decide their only shot at winning in the Senior Advanced Division lies in the solo competition for the five-point advantage - if Summer can win the advantage for The Next Step with their solo, they may not have to worry about going up against older and better dancers. 

In Studio 1, the soloists, including Summer, Amy and Lily, are warming up with their studio heads and dance captains. Summer confesses that she is incredibly nervous, and Noah tries to encourage her, failing to hide that he is just as nervous himself. Meanwhile, Thalia confesses that she didn't originally plan on going to Regionals, but she just can't pass up the opportunity. Amy confesses that she is nervous to do her solo, because she has had less than 24 hours to prepare her solo, whilst the other soloists have been practising for weeks. Miss Angela tells Lily that she is the star dancer in the room, but Lily contradicts her, saying that nobody thinks she deserves to be there. Miss Angela dismisses this, assuring her that she's the best. Summer confesses that she isn't looking forward to competing against her former teammates, as it makes the competition much more personal.

In Studio A, numerous other dancers are preparing for the workshop with Leon Blackwood - including all the other A-Troupers, many of whom confess how excited they are. Leon then enters, making all the dancers extremely excited - particularly Kenzie, who confesses that she is usually fine in situations like this, but she is struggling to keep her cool around Leon Blackwood. Emily introduces Leon, and he explains that he's going to teach everyone the combo, then he'll pick the best five dancers and they will get to showcase it for everyone. He then calls up his assistants, Richelle and Ozzy; however, instead of Ozzy, Kingston goes up, and soon explains that he is stepping in because Ozzy got food poisoning from a bad sushi burrito from the street. Not hearing this, Leon doesn't question Kingston's presence, and simply assumes that he is Ozzy; Kingston decides not to correct him.

Back in Studio 1, Michelle announces the beginning of the solo competition, and wishes everyone luck. As the judges sit down, Miss Angela tells Lily to keep her eye on one of them, who then smiles at her. Amy confesses that she is ready to prove that Michelle was wrong about her, while Summer confesses that she is determined that The Next Step will be the one with the five-point advantage by the end of the day.

The dancers in the workshop start learning Leon's choreography, while Emily watches them closely in the hope finding a good replacement for Amy. Despite not wanting to be there, Jacquie is stuck at the back; she confesses that if she is in the back row, she knows she won't get picked. Leon asks "Ozzy", aka Kingston, what he thinks of the dancers and he says he can only see the front row; right after this, Jacquie starts trying to dance towards the front. In the process, she ends up pushing Piper out of the way, who confesses that Jacquie's behaviour doesn't surprise her at all. Finally, just as Jacquie has nearly made it to the front, she is pushed away by another girl; when the dancers stop for a break, she realizes the girl is her sister, Davis, much to her astonishment. 

In Studio 1, a dancer finishes his solo, and Amy is next to perform. Simone confesses that they worked on this solo all night, snd she hopes it goes well. As Amy dances, she confesses that she is dancing out all her old awkward feelings, and she is ready to move on. Thalia confesses that she is proud of Amy, and the judges seem to like her. After seeing Amy perform so well, Summer only becomes more nervous. 

While the workshop dancers are waiting to find out who Leon has picked to showcase his choreography, Jacquie starts arguing with Davis about the fact that she came to the convention without telling her she would be there. Jacquie explains that she loves her sister but they don't get along at dance, confessing that the last time they danced at the same studio, their teacher went into early retirement. Suddenly, Leon announces that he has made a decision, and that he has picked five dancers; everyone immediately hopes that they hope they will be chosen. Much to their delight, Piper and Kenzie are both chosen, along with two other dancers. For his last pick, Leon points in the direction of Jacquie and Davis, making both think they got picked - however, Leon then specifies that he has picked "the blonde one", meaning Davis, much to Jacquie's frustration. 

In Studio 1, a pointe dancer finishes her solo; it is now Lily's turn. Miss Angela tells Michelle that Lily's going to knock her socks off; Michelle replies that she doesn't wear socks, making Summer laugh. Lily performs her solo, which much like her other solos, is upbeat and flashy; everyone notes that she has great choreography, but no real emotion. 

In Studio A Leon Blackwood's top five dancers perform his choreography. Jacquie confesses her disappointment that Davis was picked instead of her, while Henry confesses that Piper and Kenzie are doing well, Davis is really standing out. Emily tells Richelle, Kingston and Jacquie that she is thinking of Davis as a replacement for Amy. Jacquie opposes this decision, but Richelle agrees, confessing that she thinks Davis would fit in well. 

In Studio 1, Summer finally performs her solo. She confesses that after everything that has been handed to her since she arrived at The Next Step, she needs to prove that she deserved it - and if she loses this competition, everyone who was against her will be proved right. As she dances, Noah confesses that the other dancers were good, but Summer has the most passion. As Summer finishes, the other competitors loom noticeably worried. The judges thank the contestants and say that it is going to be a tough decision; Amy confesses that she is torn, as she will be happy if The Next Step wins, but devastated if she loses, while Michelle reiterates that Noah's place on the team is riding on Summer winning the five-point advantage.

As Leon Blackwood's workshop ends, Emily and Michelle officially offer Davis a place on A-Troupe; she is delighted, and instantly accepts. Everyone is happy about Davis joining the team - except Jacquie, which amuses Richelle. Davis requests a selfie with the other dancers; Jacquie joins them for the photo, but refuses to smile. Michelle confesses that she is glad they have replaced, Amy, and it is good to a full troupe again.

As the judges prepare to announce the winner of the solo competition, Henry and Richelle join Summer and Noah in Studio 1 - Henry is there to show his support, but Richelle confesses that she wants to be sure that all of the time and effort put into Summer has been worth it. The winner is announced - and to everyone's astonishment, it is Lily. Amy is disappointed, and Summer is devastated. Henry confesses that he is not mad at Summer for losing, but Richelle confesses that she knew everyone was putting too much faith in her. Michelle is shocked that the judges seriously thought that Lily outranked Summer, while Summer herself confesses that Miss Angela must have been right about judges wanting to see "pop and flash". Lily approaches the A-Troupe dancers, taunting them with how they could have had the five point advantage if they had kept her on their team; Richelle informs her that she will not beat them again. Summer thanks Richelle for having her back, but Richelle says that she was defending the team, not her - and tells Summer that if she had performed the solo instead of her, they would have won the five points. Meanwhile, now knowing for certain that they won't have an advantage at Regionals, Emily and Michelle discuss whether or not they can compete in the older division - and eventually, they decide that they have to kick Noah off the team. 


  • This episode became available on BBC iPlayer on September 3, 2018, one week prior to its scheduled release on CBBC.
  • There are two bonus scenes for this episode, featuring a duet between Jacquie and Davis, and Summer's reaction to losing the convention solo.
  • Miss Angela has changed the name of Encore Dance Studios to "Miss Angela’s Encore Dance Studio".
  • Michelle never wears socks.
  • Davis is now part of A-Troupe, replacing Amy.
  • Lily has won the solo competition, meaning Encore has a five point advantage for Regionals.
  • Noah may no longer be a member of A-Troupe.



  • Michelle claims that with Davis on the team, they have a full troupe. In reality, Davis brings the number of A-Troupe members up to eleven, meaning they are technically one member short of a full troupe; what it does mean is that there will now be one alternate dancer for Regionals.

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  • Alec Dahmer as a workshop dancer
  • Alexandra Bacci as Alexandra
  • Alexandre Deakin as Ty
  • Anna Bartlam as a workshop dancer
  • Ben Williams as Pete
  • Berkeley Ratzlaff as Davis
  • Blake Talabis as a workshop dancer 
  • Brian Hooper as an unknown character
  • Briana Andrade-Gomes as Briana
  • Brigitte Turnbull as an AcroNation dancer
  • Chloe Cubric as a rival studio head
  • Ciara Alexys as an unknown character
  • Damien Lavergne as Charlie
  • Daniel-Anthony Akuffo as a workshop dancer
  • Eamon Stocks as an unknown character
  • Ella Staios as an unknown character
  • Emily Grady as an AcroNation dancer
  • George Randolph as Curtis
  • Hailey Fauchere as a rival soloist 
  • Isiah Hall as a workshop dancer
  • Jade Whitney as a workshop dancer
  • Jazzmin James as a workshop dancer
  • Jessica Gower as an unknown character
  • Jordan Alleyne as an unknown character
  • Joshua Lamb as Jones
  • Julia Miller as an AcroNation dancer
  • Katie Ortencio as Lily
  • Kayleigh Shikanai as an unknown character
  • Kelis Robinson as an unknown character
  • Kelly Fanson as Angela
  • Kennedy Johnston as an AcroNation dancer
  • Kristopher Grzella as a workshop dancer
  • Lila Ghadban as an unknown character
  • Lilly Bartlam as a workshop dancer
  • Lexa Edelstein as an unknown character
  • Madison Foley as an unknown character
  • Mathew Edmondson as a rival studio member 
  • Rachel Riley as Gabi
  • Sarah Parlatore as an AcroNation dancer
  • Sanaa Williams as Simone
  • Siam Yu as a workshop dancer
  • Stefano Gallelli as an unknown character
  • Tanya Karn as an unknown character
  • Taveeta Szymanowicz as Thalia
  • Tyler Hutchings as Tyler
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as an AcroNation dancer



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