"Sweet and Salty" is the 13th episode in Season 6 of The Next Step and the 167th episode overall. It aired on October 28, 2018. It is the mid-season finale and the final episode of Season 6.0.


A five bonus point advantage for regionals hangs in the air as Summer, Amy, and Lily compete for the top soloist title.[1]


Michelle enters the empty Studio A and starts dancing. She confesses how much she misses the feeling of dancing with her team everyday. 

Emily enters and tells Michelle that because he is eighteen, Noah cannot dance in the Intermediate Advanced age division at Regionals. This means the whole team has to compete in the senior division or Noah has to leave the team. They realize their only shot at winning the senior division is if they win the five point advantage. 

In Studio 1, the soloists are warming up. Summer confesses that she is really nervous and Noah encourages her.

Thalia tells Amy to dance from her heart. Thalia then explains that she didn't originally plan on going to Regionals but she just can't pass up the opportunity. Amy says that she is nervous because she has had less than 24 hours to prepare her solo, whilst the other soloists have had weeks. 

Miss Angela tells Lily that she is the star here. Lily says nobody thinks she deserves to be there. Miss Angela says that she's the best. 

In Studio A, the dancers are preparing for a workshop with Leon Blackwood. Leon enters and all the dancers get extremely excited. Emily introduces Leon. Leon explains that he's going to teach everyone the combo, then he'll pick the best five and they will get to showcase it for everyone. Leon calls up Richelle and Ozzy. Instead of Ozzy, Kingston goes up. He explains it is because Ozzy got food poisoning from a bad sushi burrito from the street. 

Back in Studio 1, the solo competition is about to start. Michelle announces the beginning of the competition. Miss Angela tells Lily to keep her eye on one of the judges, who then smiles at her. 

The dancers in the Leon Blackwood workshop start learning the choreography. Emily is watching the dancers to try and find a good replacement for Amy. Jacquie is stuck at the back, despite not wanting to be there. She knows that if she is in the back she won't get picked. Leon asks "Ozzy" AKA Kingston what he thinks and he says he can only see the front row. Jacquie starts trying to dance towards the front. She nearly makes it when she is pushed away by another girl. She realizes this girl is her sister, Davis

Amy is announced and performs her solo in the competition. She confesses that she is dancing out all her old awkward feelings. Thalia confesses that the judges like her. Summer gets more nervous after seeing Amy. 

The dancers are waiting to see who made it into the top five for the workshop. Davis and Jacquie start arguing. Jacquie explains that she loves her sister but they don't get along when they're dancing together. She confesses that the last time they danced at the same studio, their teacher went into early retirement. Leon announces that he knows who he is going to choose. All the dancers confess that they hope they will be chosen. He chooses Piper and Kenzie, as well as two other dancers. He then points to Jacquie and Davis, both of whom think they got picked. Leon says that it's "The Blonde One" (Davis). 

A pointe dancer finishes her solo; it is now Lily's turn. Miss Angela tells Michelle that Lily's going to knock her socks off but Michelle replies that she doesn't wear socks. Summer laughs. Lily dances. Everyone notices that she has great choreography, but no emotion. 

The top five are performing Leon Blackwood's choreography. Emily watches to try find a new A-Troupe member. Emily says she is thinking of Davis as a replacement for Amy. Jacquie opposes this decision, but Richelle agrees. 

Summer performs her solo. The judges thank the contestants and say that it is going to be a tough decision. 

Emily and Michelle offer Davis a position on A-Troupe. She accepts. Everyone is happy about it except Jacquie. The team takes a selfie but Jacquie doesn't smile. 

The judges announce the winner. It is Lily. Lily is rude to Summer. Richelle defends her and Summer thanks her for having her back. However, Richelle says she just had the team's back because if she had performed the solo, they would have won. 

Emily and Michelle discuss the situation and decide that they have to kick Noah off the team. 



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  • Alec Dahmer as unknown character
  • Alexandra Bacci as J-Troupe dancer
  • Alexandre Deakin as Ty
  • Anna Bartlam as unknown character
  • Benjamin Williams as unknown character
  • Berkeley Ratzlaff as Davis
  • Blake Talabis as unknown character
  • Brian Hooper as unknown character
  • Briana Andrade-Gomes as Briana
  • Brigitte Turnbull as AcroNation dancer
  • Chloe Cubric as unknown character
  • Ciara Alexys as unknown character
  • Damien Lavergne as Charlie
  • Daniel-Anthony Akuffo as J-Troupe dancer
  • Eamon Stocks as unknown character
  • Ella Staios as unknown character
  • Emily Grady as AcroNation dancer
  • George Randolph as Regionals Judge
  • Hailey Fauchere as unknown character
  • Isaiah Hall as unknown character
  • Jade Whitney as unnamed TNS West member
  • Jazzmin James as unknown character
  • Jessica Gower as unknown character
  • Jordan Alleyne as unknown character
  • Joshua Lamb as Jones[3]
  • Julia Miller as AcroNation dancer
  • Katie Ortencio as Lily
  • Kayleigh Shikanai as unknown character
  • Kelis Robinson as unknown character
  • Kelly Fanson as Angela
  • Kennedy Johnston as AcroNation dancer
  • Kris Grzella as unknown character
  • Lila Ghadban as unknown character
  • Lily Bartlam as unknown character
  • Lexa Edelstein as unknown character
  • Madison Foley as unknown character
  • Mathew Edmondson as unknown character
  • Rachel Riley as Gabi
  • Sarah Parlatore as AcroNation dancer
  • Sanaa Williams as Simone
  • Siam Yu as unknown character
  • Stefano Gallelli as unknown character
  • Tanya Karn as unknown character
  • Taveeta Szymanowicz as Thalia
  • Tyler Hutchings as Tyler
  • Zofia Kasprzyk as AcroNation dancer



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