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A sweet spot is a spot on stage in which a dancer feels the most energy on stage, and is able to dance their best. As of now, the only three people known to physically feel sweet spots are Thalia, Eldon and Summer.


The reality of a sweet spot is first hinted in "Hello Trouble" when Thalia is seen walking around and "listening" to the stage at the trio competition venue, although such an occurrence is not formally nodded at nor easy to notice.

The idea is formally introduced in "You Love Me." Thalia is doing the same thing she is doing in the aforementioned episode, and Eldon inquires as to what she is doing. When she tells him, he shows her his favourite sweet spot on the Nationals stage, and they promise to keep it a secret.[1]

In "Sweet Spot," Eldon makes a map for Thalia of all of the sweet spots in The Next Step Dance Studio. It is proven in this episode that Thalia and Eldon are the only people thus far that can feel sweet spots, as both Michelle and James find the idea comical.[2] It is unknown why the two are the only ones who can feel them, but the two seem to believe it is because they share a special bond.

In "Mean Twirls", whilst performing with AcroNation, Summer claims to feel sweet spots as well.


Sweet spots are invisible, and are rather spots that one feels. It is said to be an area where the most energy is and where one can dance their greatest. It may possibly be tied to spirituality.

Sweet spot believers


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