An ambassador acts as the official diplomatic envoy of Switzerland and Alfie's guardian.


Before the show

The Swiss ambassador was approved by the Canadian government and appointed.

Season 4

The Swiss ambassador arrives to persuade Alfie to return to Switzerland. Seeing Alfie's reluctance to return, the ambassador bribes Riley with a cheque for a large amount of money in order to urge her to let Alfie leave. After the ambassador sees how passionate Alfie is about dance as he performs a solo, she decides she will tell the king and queen that Alfie will be staying.[1]

The Swiss ambassador waits with Alfie at the airport in order to escort him on his trip with Riley. When Riley doesn't arrive, Alfie follows the ambassador to the plane, knowing it's over between him and Riley.[2]


The Swiss ambassador initially appears to be strict and close-minded, seeing as she is so adamant about Alfie returning to Switzerland regardless of how he feels. However, she softens somewhat when she sees Alfie perform and comes to understand how much he loves dancing.

Alfie has described her as "wonderfully truthful."[2]

Physical appearance


The Swiss ambassador is a tall woman with black hair drawn back in a bun. She also has brown eyes and light skin.


When at The Next Step Dance Studio to convince Alfie to return to Switzerland, the Swiss ambassador wears a pinstriped back jacket with matching skirt over a white blouse, and carries a black briefcase.[1] When she is at the airport with Alfie, her outfit is a plain black jacket with matching black pants over a colourful patterned top.[2]




  • Swiss German: The ambassador is fluent in Swiss German. It appears to be her first language.


Season 4


  • The correct form of address for the ambassador is "Madam Ambassador", but this is never used on-screen.


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