With Regionals around the corner, can The Next Step deal with the amount of changes within the studio? With secrets, big opportunities and heartbreaks, can they win Regionals and return to there former glory? Or will history repeat itself?





Season 6.0

Episode name Release date
Complicated January 26th, 2018
Wannabe January 26th, 2018
Back to Where We Started January 27th, 2018
Come Into My World January 27th, 2018
Revenge January 27th, 2018
Overthrow February 3rd, 2018
Back on Track February 3rd, 2018
I Turn To You February 10th, 2018
When Your'e Gone February 11th, 2018
Run The World February 20th, 2018
Never To Be February 21st, 2018
Standing On The Edge February 24th, 2018

Season 6.5

Episode name Release Date
Run It's Course March 3rd, 2018
Downfall March 7th, 2018
Open Up March 26th, 2018
Keep Holding On May 5th, 2018
So Close July 9th, 2018
New Beginnings July 29th, 2018
Here We Go July 29th, 2018
End Of The Road July 29th, 2018
It's Our Time July 29th, 2018
Edge Of Glory July 29th, 2018