A-Troupe is the highest ranking at The Next Step Dance Studio, it represents The Next Step in most competitions.


After filming the regionals qualifier video, Emily and Michelle were revoked of there role of co-studio heads, and so were Daniel and West. After this, three members of A-Troupe (Lola, Zara and Josh) left the studio.

Angela takes over as Studio Head and auditions dancers to re-create A-Troupe. All remaining members make it onto the team, apart from Heather. The remaining spots were filled by new members: Kenzie, Finn, Winnie and Summer.


A-Troupe is the studio's only competitive troupe, and the only to have a dance captain. It consists of 12 dancers, 2 being alternates.

A-Troupe rehearses in Studio A and Studio 1.


Zoltan and Minnow design A-Troupe's uniform, it is dark blue and has their logo on the side of the sleeve.