Amy is a member of a secret troupe.



Amy made it back onto A-Troupe and befriended Winnie. Amy secretly joined an acting club that took place in the same building, Winnie helped her schedule her time. She got a chance to perform in a continental production but did not get in.

Amy performed with the rest of A-Troupe at regionals and won. Simone offered her a position at Miss Angela's Touring Company and she took it.

Season 7

Amy auditioned for Miss Angela's Touring Company and met Kayla and Annabelle. She got onto the team but quit soon after because she found out Angela was only taking Simone on tour.

Amy returned to The Next Step and joined the secret troupe.


Amy is very kind and generous. She always puts others before herself.

Physical Appearance


Amy has blonde hair and freckles. She has green eyes.


Amy wears a dark blue bodysuit with leggings. Another dancewear is a light turquoise vest.



Acro: Amy's dominant style is acro.
Lyrical: Amy is proficient in in lyrical dancing.